100 Times People Spotted the Weirdest People on Subway that Left an Unforgettable Impression

If you’ve ever ridden the subway, you know it’s a melting pot of humanity. It’s a place where people from all walks of life converge a microcosm of the diverse, vibrant, and sometimes downright weird world we live in. And while most subway rides might pass by without incident, every so often, you encounter characters that are anything but ordinary. This is a tribute to those unique individuals – the weirdest people ever spotted riding the subway.

Each ride on the subway is a roll of the dice, a new opportunity to come face-to-face with the unexpected. The beauty of these encounters is that they are usually unplanned, unscripted, and incredibly unique. One minute you’re staring blankly at the subway map, and the next, you’re sharing a cart with a man dressed as a medieval knight, or an elderly woman knitting a sweater for her potted plant. These characters are the unsung heroes of our daily commutes, infusing color and comedy into the otherwise grey urban routine.

Sure, these subway stars might seem strange. They break the norms, defy the rules, and baffle us with their peculiar habits. You might find yourself wondering why someone would choose to transport a full-size mannequin during rush hour, or how a passenger managed to smuggle a peacock onto the train. But in the grand scheme of things, these moments of surprise and amusement are what make the subway such a fascinating place.

These characters, captured in our collection of the weirdest people on the subway, provoke laughter, bewilderment, or even a sense of connection as we see ourselves reflected in their audacious unconventionality. So, next time you board the subway, take a moment to look around. Embrace the unpredictability and eccentricity of your fellow passengers. Who knows, you might just cross paths with the next star of our “Weirdest Subway Riders” collection. After all, it’s these encounters with the wonderfully weird that make subway rides an adventure, and life in the city a vibrant, unpredictable, and delightfully strange journey.

#1 A man spent his subway ride playing his violin for a baby because it was crying.

#3 Meanwhile, in a Berlin metro, the text on the bag reads: “This text has no other purpose than to terrify those who are afraid of the Arabic language.”

#8 Dogs are not allowed on the NYC subway unless they’re in a carrier… so this happened.

#9 So I think I sat on the train with Gandalf/Magneto.

#10 A full bottle of wine rolled out from under a subway seat, and then these 2 strangers popped it open and started drinking it. This is peak NYC.

#11 Ran into these guys on the train. They win Halloween.

#13 Sometimes I forget I’m in Asia, and then I get on the metro.

#16 A random image taken on a subway ride to Manhattan from Astoria.

#20 That awkward moment on the subway when you find yourself sitting next to…

#21 The New York subway system bans canines unless they can fit in a small bag, so this guy trained his pit-bull to calmly sit in his small bag.

#23 This guy decided to set up his own hammock on a train.

#24 When people start telling you about their problems.

#27 On the NYC subway, handing out little green army men to kids.

#28 I traveled 20 years into the future and found President Obama on the NYC subway.

#30 That’s one way to get around the ‘dog in carrier’ subway rule.

#34 There are two identical-looking people sleeping on the subway.

#40 Well, if you’re going on the Tube, you might as well look dapper doing it.

#46 When you pull your earphones out of your pocket, and there’s a goddamn sailor’s knot in them.

#47 Saw these guys on the subway. My favorite was Princess Peach.

#51 Who says you can’t sleep comfortably on the subway?

#54 All the gamers on the train are shitting their pants.

#60 Someone brought this with them on the subway today.

#64 Just your average everyday Ghostbuster on the subway in London.

#65 This woman is taking her rabbit for a ride on the subway.

#67 Slipped some pre-workout in grandpa’s oatmeal this morning.

#72 Girlfriend sent me this from the M train this morning. Monday mornings are rough.

#74 Saw this little guy and his trainer on the metro.

#77 Not sure what’s more terrifying. This or the pile of headless Barbie bodies in her house.

#81 A woman on the subway printed out 15 pages of Facebook posts and is just reading the comments.

#83 Times are tough when a princess has to take an NYC subway.

#86 A guy on the subway balancing two vase plants on his head because of reasons.

#87 When mom says stop playing games in your room, so you just relocate.

#89 Just a responsible local girl on the metro in Seoul.

#94 Which one of these people woke up today and said ‘I’m not catching a disease on the subway’?

Written by Maverick King

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