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From Tree Toppers to Present Unwrappers: Funny and Cute Pets Taking Over Christmas

Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way… to some of the most adorable and hilarious pet antics this Christmas! When it comes to spreading holiday cheer (and a little bit of chaos), our furry friends have a special talent. They’re not just pets; they’re festive furballs of fun, turning Christmas into a delightful blend of ‘aww’ moments and laugh-out-loud mishaps.

We have a kitty eyeing the Christmas tree with a mix of fascination and a clear intention of climbing it. Whether it’s toppling decorations, leaping into the tree ungracefully, or casually swatting at ornaments, these feline antics are hilarious. And there’s a puppy getting tangled in tinsel or wearing a Santa hat at a comically jaunty angle. These canine friends might not fully grasp the holiday festivities, but their eagerness to join in is both endearing and amusing.

From “taste-testing” holiday cookies to “reorganizing” the gift-wrapping area, their “helpful” endeavors often result in adorable chaos. These buddies, in their own way, “assist” with Christmas preparations. While sometimes frustrating, these moments become heartwarming stories shared around the dinner table.

But it’s not just about mischief. Many pets also star in the most heartwarming Christmas moments. Snuggling by the fireplace, patiently wearing festive outfits for family photos, or just being a comforting presence – these pets embody the warmth and love that define the holiday season.

#2 Our 1st Christmas together and our 15th Christmas together.

#3 My cat and my tree are both plugged in and ready for Christmas.

#5 We got the cat a cardboard scratchy taco truck for Christmas. I think she likes it.

#6 Left the patio door open briefly for some fresh air. Shortly after, I heard some rustling behind the Christmas tree… I don’t have a cat.

#8 My paraplegic kitten’s reaction to seeing her first Christmas tree.

#9 If your presents arrived late, it’s because Santa’s helpers are a little slower than normal.

#10 My 12-year-old girl accidentally picked up one of the stars from our Christmas decorations when she was sniffing for crumbs.

#14 Found this festive little guy on my outside Christmas tree.

#16 Took my dogs to take their yearly Christmas photos. It’s really hard when you have one super photogenic dog and one dog having an existential crisis.

#17 We just put the tree up, and this little monster climbed into it.

#18 My udon noodle wishes you a pleasant Christmas Eve.

#19 Came home to find this. Not sure how long she was in there, but she was pretty content to stay in there.

#20 Meet the new addition to the family, Chester. He makes a wonderful Christmas tree decoration.

#22 This will forever be my favorite picture of her. She loves Christmas.

#24 He doesn’t attack the tree or try to knock it down.

#26 I’ve just learned this is an issue for cat owners over Christmas.

#29 Alfons showing his coconut flake stash while practicing for the Christmas photos.

#35 I took my pet ducks to Mind Games (they love browsing stores). They stopped and stared at this toy for several minutes. I think I know what they want for Christmas.

#36 My boyfriend and I noticed a new ornament in the tree.

#37 My mom got our cat, Sardine, a fancy cat bed for Christmas. She loves it.

#38 My parents’ cat interrupted board games over Christmas. He just likes to be involved.

#40 Ready to help Santa Paws. I don’t know about the naughty/nice list, but I’m certainly on the “Trying My Best” list.

#42 My blind 18-year-old dog clearly loves the new Christmas lights.

#44 My coworker’s dog does not like the annual Christmas photo.

#47 My GF set up the Christmas tree. It’s our cats’ first Christmas.

#48 Ciri has absolutely no idea who ate the Christmas cookies while we were out shopping. She’s so mad she can’t even look at the plate.

#49 Roscoe took Christmas decoration duty into his own hands (paws) last night.

#50 Thought you all would appreciate my pups’ Christmas photo.

#53 Baby and Snuffles experiencing their first Christmas tree.

#54 Looking happy and eating dried apples while waiting for Christmas.

#57 My building is having pet photos with Santa – this is her costume.

#60 Arthur’s first encounter with a (fake) Christmas tree.

#62 After matching wits numerous times, there is only one more option to keep the cat out of the Christmas tree.

#63 Sweet Peepers’ outfit for our Christmas photos.

#65 His Majesty Sir Talis singing under the Christmas tree.

#66 First year with a cat = first year with no Christmas tree, totally worth it.

#69 Tried to make our annual Christmas card last night.

#70 And all through the house, not a creature was stirring, except for the sausage dog doing zoomies and trying to fight me.

#72 I wouldn’t get up at 6:00 AM on Christmas Day to feed him, so he dragged this bag of treats into the bathroom and tore it open.

#73 My dog’s best friend had puppies, and we brought one home today. Merry Christmas.

#74 Our Christmas village has been invaded by the Jólakötturinn.

#75 My new Christmas tree decoration. A Christmas bird.

#78 Meet my little lambs born just before Christmas this past year, Holly and Leroy. (Named obviously for the winter holly berry and our Leroy the redneck reindeer.)

#80 My old girl wanted to help me decorate for Christmas.

#81 My Simba always loved destroying our Christmas tree. I will forever miss the chaos he brought to our holidays.

#85 I made pumpkin pie for Christmas. Bonita felt the need to contribute.

#88 The 12th day of Spikemas. Most people stage their elf shenanigans. Bentley takes care of him in our house.

#91 Christmas morning – Doggo rips out Santa’s innards then falls asleep on his limp corpse. No remorse.

#92 Our boys just can’t wait to spread Christmas cheer.

#93 My mom’s doggo Maggie sitting pretty for a Christmas pic.

#94 What do you think Sif is hoping to find under the tree this Christmas? My guess would be mealworms.

#97 My cat has the same face I did when I found out how much my wife spent on these Christmas collars.

Written by Hannah Jade

I write and compose interesting stories, captivating beautiful moments in photos. I love walking alone in Rainy Nights without an Umbrella.

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