These Inappropriate Christmas Design Fails Will Leave You Laughing and Cringing

Get ready to jingle all the way… to a laugh riot! In the world of Christmas designs, where festivity meets creativity, sometimes things go hilariously off-track. We’re talking about those Christmas design fails that are so inappropriately funny, you can’t help but burst into laughter. It’s like Santa’s workshop had a whoopsie moment, and the results are pure comedic gold.

Imagine a Santa figurine that, thanks to a design oversight, appears to be doing something far less jolly than delivering presents. Or imagine a snowman that, unintentionally, looks more like a character from a horror movie than a friendly winter pal. These are the decorations that make you do a double-take and ask, “What were they thinking?

Then, there’s the world of Christmas advertising and packaging. It’s supposed to be a season of joy and wholesomeness, but sometimes, the designs suggest otherwise. Think about a holiday ad with a choice of words that makes it sound more risqué than festive. Or Christmas product packaging that, due to an unfortunate design layout, sends a completely different message than intended. These blunders are more giggle-inducing than heartwarming.

They remind us that even in the most wonderful time of the year, a little bit of naughtiness can lead to a lot of laughter. So, as you deck your halls this holiday season, keep an eye out for those design mishaps – they might just be the funniest part of your festive celebrations.

#2 I used chocolate bells instead of kisses. Is it me or did I just make Christmas boobs?

#7 Someone decided these reindeer didn’t need their eyes.

#9 This statue in Rotterdam of Santa Claus. Mrs. Claus is in for a surprise tonight!

#12 Unfortunate placement of the Christmas ornaments…

#13 My sweet innocent mother got my sister a thermos with her initials monogrammed on it for Christmas.

#17 The bow on this fake holiday horse makes it look like it has a horrible case of hemorrhoids.

#19 The cracker I got at my work’s Christmas lunch was a gun-shaped whistle. To blow it, you have to put the barrel in your mouth.

#24 I wouldn’t have guessed that the North Pole is his scene.

#25 Contrary to popular belief, those are not singing buttholes.

#27 Warning: Make sure the front of the ornament faces out!

#28 My ‘Where’s Wally’ advent calendar isn’t giving me much of a challenge.

#29 This Christmas stocking for your dog has a picture of a cat on it.

#30 The entrance to this children’s bouncy castle looks like something else.

#31 Another challenge from the Where’s Wally calendar.

#33 Our advent calendar, we didn’t notice when we bought it.

#36 Terrible font choice on a Christmas book made me do a double-take.

#37 Poor design on my neighbor’s Christmas decoration.

#40 These Christmas lights we sell at our work have an “off” and “no” switch.

#42 Seen at Christmas Eve Mass. I had to have someone explain it to me.

#43 My partner’s work is having a Grinch-themed Christmas, it’s supposed to say Whoville…

#47 ‘My First Christmas’ onesie sized for 18-month-olds.

#49 So you can let them know exactly how much you saved.

Written by Leandro Turner

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