Spiders have Tiny Adorable Paws, and it may Change the Way you See them

The hairy little feet of spiders are fascinating. They almost look like they belonged on dogs. Or perhaps cats. Despite their terrifying personality, spiders have extremely diverse feet. The original species had two long claws and one tiny ‘thumb’ claw; none of their pads was densely hairy. The evolutionary adaptations of some groups have led to the loss of a third claw and the development of pads.

Spiders have a paw called a tarsus at the end of their legs that is used to grip. There are around 900 species of tarantulas, most of which have furry paws. Their legs can span up to 30cm, which is larger than your average dinner plate. The paws typically have around 600,000 tufts of fur on them, and they are called claw tufts. Spiders can move on vertical surfaces and even on glass, thanks to this density of hairs. Due to the tiny and flexible hairs on their feet can cling more efficiently, even when upside-down, since they can make contact with many parts of a surface. When the hairs come into contact with something, they form bonds with the atoms on the surface.

Spider paws look so adorable, and if you are terrified of spiders, we recommend you to take a look at these cute paws of the spiders. You will be pleasantly surprised by a sudden change in your attitude toward arachnids.

Written by Trey Lennon

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