Too Funny Not to Share: The Top Sex Memes That Will Make Your Day

Let’s talk about sex, baby! And not just any kind of sex – funny sex! We all know that sex can be a serious and intimate act, but it can also be downright hilarious. And what better way to capture that humor than through funny sex memes?

These memes range from relatable to downright absurd, and they cover everything from awkward positions to unexpected interruptions. Some might even make you do a double take, wondering how anyone could ever find themselves in such a situation.

But the beauty of funny sex memes is that they remind us not to take ourselves too seriously. Yes, sex can be a wonderful and meaningful experience, but it can also be messy, silly, and even slightly ridiculous. And that’s okay! We’re all human, and sometimes we need to laugh at ourselves.

So whether you’re in a committed relationship or flying solo, take a moment to appreciate the humor in sex. And if you need a good laugh, turn to the world of funny sex memes. Who knows, you might just find your new favorite guilty pleasure.

#1 When you’re feeling more sexually charged than your friends and can’t seem to satiate your desire.

#2 When you know exactly what you want from a relationship, and it’s not emotional attachment or commitment.

#3 When you yearn to indulge in your most explicit fantasies alone and without judgment.

#4 When you’re not interested in hooking up with that person again and want to move on.

#5 When you find that sex is the most enjoyable form of exercise for you.

#6 When the online flirting turns into a serious in-person date, and the stakes are higher than you anticipated.

#7 When you discover that you and your partner both share an interest in kink and can’t wait to explore it together.

#8 When you’re curious if the person you’re interested in is open to exploring their sexuality with couples.

#9 When you feel extremely submissive in a sexual relationship and enjoy the dynamic.

#10 When the memories of the previous night’s encounter are too intense to believe.

#11 When you wish the bj was a bit better but don’t want to ruin the moment.

#12 When you finally figure out the key to saving money and can spend more on dates or experiences.

#13 When you come up with a fun and exciting treat for your submissive partner to enjoy.

#14 When you get a thrill from being an exhibitionist and showing off your sexual desires in public.

#15 When the person you’re interested in sends you some exceptionally enticing photos.

#16 When you’re searching for someone who shares your love for bondage and other kinks.

#17 When you’re in the mood to give some incredible oral pleasure to your partner.

#18 When you need to take a break from your sexual activities to catch your breath or regain your composure.

#19 When the only solution to your pent-up sexual frustration is to take care of yourself.

#20 When your inner submissive side emerges, and you crave to be dominated by your partner.

#21 When you feel aroused by something you saw on Instagram and can’t stop thinking about it.

#22 When all you want is to cuddle and bask in the afterglow of a satisfying sexual encounter.

#23 When you find your crush irresistible in their sweatpants.

#24 When your partner is incredibly sex-positive and encourages you to explore your desires without shame.

#25 When you plan ahead for a sexual encounter, but it doesn’t quite go as expected.

#26 When you and your partner feel like it’s the two of you against the world and no one else matters.

#27 When you regret the sexual encounter you just had and wish you hadn’t gone through with it.

#28 When someone you’re interested in has a massive ego and makes you feel a little intimidated.

#29 When browsing Pornhub is both thrilling and slightly overwhelming.

#30 When you can’t get enough of your partner’s cute and enticing butt.

#31 When your partner appreciates every aspect of your sexual persona and makes you feel desired.

#32 When you need to get creative and try something new to spice things up in the bedroom.

#33 When you realize that your sexual preferences have multiple layers, and you’re excited to explore them.

#36 When you’re the innocent one in your friend group:

#37 When your 9-5 job just isn’t fulfilling enough:

#38 When you’re feeling too aroused to fall asleep:

#39 When someone calls you an adorable nickname for the first time:

#41 When you realize that sometimes the simplest things are better than sex:

#42 When even the parking lot seems to be reminding you of your lack of intimacy:

#46 When you have a moment of profound realization after sexual release:

#47 When your preferences for dirty talk evolve over time:

#48 When you’re going all out in pursuit of pleasure:

#49 When adulting isn’t what you thought it would be:

#51 When you need to take a moment to appreciate the beauty around you:

#52 When you recognize that gender is a social construct:

#54 When you’re worried about measuring up in a new relationship:

#56 When you’re hoping your new relationship doesn’t repeat old patterns:

#58 When you’re sex game is all talk and no substance:

#65 Gotta prep for foreplay, which is itself, prep for “play”

#78 A list of sex memes wouldn’t be complete without some oral sex jokes:

#88 If you’ve had sex and used a vending machine, you get it.

#134 SpongeBob sex memes that are anything but PG-13.

#145 Feeling a heartbeat with sex memes featuring Arthur.

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