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No Jingle Bells Here: Pets That Seem to Hate Christmas More Than Anything

It’s that time of the year again, when the world is draped in festive lights and holiday cheer, but not everyone’s singing ‘Jingle Bells’. Yes, we’re talking about those pets who seem to hate Christmas more than anything. In every family album, there’s probably a photo of a pet with a less-than-thrilled expression amidst the holiday festivities. These four-legged Scrooges offer a hilariously grumpy contrast to the season’s merriment.

Their displeasure at the holiday season isn’t hard to imagine. For pets who value routine and predictability, the sudden invasion of trees, lights, and constant foot traffic can be less than welcome. The holiday season, with its hustle and bustle, can turn their cozy and predictable world upside down.

Then there’s the fashion – oh, the fashion! Santa hats, reindeer antlers, and jingle bell collars might be adorable to us, but for some pets, they’re just another reason to wish for January. Their expressions, ranging from mild annoyance to outright disdain for these festive accessories, can be amusingly evident.

What about the endless loop of holiday music and the parade of guests? For a pet that prefers peace and quiet, these can be the ultimate party poopers. Imagine their longing for the return of normalcy, where the biggest event of the day is a walk or a nap in the sunbeam, not avoiding the enthusiastic hugs of visiting relatives.

Their “bah humbug” attitude reminds us that joy comes in different forms and that sometimes, the best we can do is respect their wishes, offer a quiet retreat, and maybe skip the elf costume this year. Here’s to the pets who might not love Christmas, but who we love all the more for their grumpy, adorable selves.

#1 At my friend’s church, the church cat has evicted the Baby Jesus from the manger.

#3 On the first day of Christmas, my true love said to me, “The dog is inside our tree.”

#5 My friend’s dog’s reaction after finding out that his Christmas gift was a sweater.

#6 My cat ripped open all the presents Christmas morning.

#9 I tried to take a cute Christmas photo holding my dog…

#11 Here’s Twix. He puts up with a lot from the kids. Merry Christmas!

#14 I’m wishing you another year of laughter, joy, and fun, love, and happiness.

#16 Me and my cat’s Christmas card was deemed “sacrilegious.”

#18 This year, I began living alone for the first time. This is my Christmas card.

#20 Dressing up for Christmas photos is just as embarrassing for dogs as it is for kids.

#22 So my friends’ parents recreated the nativity scene…

#24 My attempt at a cute Christmas picture of my 13-year-old Chow mix, Samwise.

#25 I put on her antlers and set her under the tree in hopes of creating an adorable Christmas kitty picture.

#28 So this cat helped with the Christmas decorations.

#34 Dogs aren’t exactly the best with Christmas trees either.

#38 My sister’s dog, going full derp for Christmas.

#42 My dog tangled in Christmas lights, and breathing fire.

#49 We put reindeer antlers on my dog. This was his reaction.

#57 He may not have his own movie, but my grumpy cat hates Christmas, too.

#60 “Oh, we aren’t supposed to open these until Christmas?”

#62 Bunny can pretend she’s a Lionhead with this Santa hat.

#67 Dudley is trying to get into the holiday spirit… Maybe we woke him up too early.

#68 I don’t care how cute you think I look; this is embarrassing.

#72 And this was the moment I thought Lola was going to kill me…

Written by Hannah Jade

I write and compose interesting stories, captivating beautiful moments in photos. I love walking alone in Rainy Nights without an Umbrella.

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