When Habits take a Curious Turn: A look into some of the most Bewildering Addictions out there

Addictions come in many forms, some widely recognized and others, well, a tad unexpected. While many are familiar with the typical culprits like alcohol, nicotine, and drugs, there exists a realm of uncommon addictions that will certainly make you ponder the vast and intricate landscape of human behavior.

For many, the term “addiction” conjures images of substance abuse. However, the human mind is complex, and its dependencies can sometimes venture into territories less explored. These unusual addictions can range from behaviors to specific objects or experiences, challenging our perceptions of what it means to be “hooked.” It underscores the importance of empathy and understanding when approaching the topic of addiction. Each person’s journey is unique, filled with its own challenges and underlying reasons.

Feeling intrigued? As you delve deeper into the world of uncommon addictions, remember to approach with an open mind. Behind every story is a human experience waiting to be understood. It’s a call for greater awareness, compassion, and support in navigating the multifaceted world of human behavior and dependencies.

#2 Food Addiction.

Food Addiction.

People often eat far more often than necessary. They eat out of habit and not out of necessity.

#5 Alcohol.


Many people are alcoholics and won't realize. Just because you don't get drunk every day doesn't mean you're not an alcoholic.

#6 Shopping


"I work with delivering packages to consumers and you have no idea how much some people order. I can have H&M deliveries every day to the same person, which is a pretty obvious shopping addiction. You learn so much about consumerism working in this field. It makes me understand why people live minimally and subscribe to the anti-consumerism lifestyle."

#8 Stress.


I'm convinced some people create stress in their life bc they are addicted to it.

#10 Anger.


I think addiction to anger is the primary force being weaponized against our entire culture right now.

#17 Daydreaming!


I do it constantly and can’t stop. It literally takes up hours out of my day.

#20 Caffeine and sugar are two big ones.

Caffeine and sugar are two big ones.

Mostly caffeine though. Millions of people in the US depend on coffee throughout their day.

#29 Comfort. So many of us are addicted to be in a comfortable place rather than growing and getting out of our comfort zone.

Written by Hannah Jade

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