Funny and Weird Food Names that You May have Not Heard Before

Food names play an important role in creating a mental image, influencing our desire to consume them. The names of some foods, such as “roasted chicken” or “mashed potatoes,” give us a clear idea of what they are, but there are some which sounds so bizarre that you will hesitate before ordering them.

There are indeed some weird foods out there – things that we wouldn’t touch even if we were offered cash to eat them. This also happens when a potentially-delicious food is given an awful name. Many strange, funny, or bizarre names for food and drinks. Most of these foods have names that have little to do with what they are. For example, the ‘Cold Duck’ is not made from a duck, and the ‘Scotch Woodcock’ does not contain the Woodcock bird. It is a buttered toast spread with anchovy paste and scrambled egg.

This also happens with the packed food (ready-to-eat) items. Some food companies don’t care that their products might be ridiculed or disliked because of their strange name. Sometimes the foreign food items get weird names when they are translated. We all make mistakes, so don’t be afraid to give these bad names another shot if you ever see them.

Below are some delicious food dishes with weird names. The list also includes processed food items with bizarre and hilarious names. Vote your favorites, and don’t forget to share.

Written by Hannah Jade

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