Underground Chronicles: Discover the Strangest Things Ever Spotted on Subways

Welcome, to the fascinating world of the subway! A sprawling labyrinth snaking beneath our cities, the subway is more than just a network of underground tunnels. It’s a place where everyday life meets the extraordinary, where reality often takes a turn for the peculiar. From the mysterious to the outright hilarious, our underground rides are sprinkled with bizarre occurrences that defy explanation.

Without further ado, let’s dive into the riveting realm of the strange things spotted on subways.

On these steel serpents that whiz through the underbelly of our cities, the rules of the “overground” world seem to take a backseat. It’s not uncommon for commuters to share their journey with a horde of unexpected ‘co-passengers’. Animals, plants, and yes, even inanimate objects. Don’t be surprised if you spot a proud owner flaunting their peacock, or a brave soul lugging a full-grown cactus! The variety of peculiar pets and peculiar items that commuters carry is boundless.

And then, there’s fashion – the subway’s own runaway runway. You never know when you might spot a samurai, a superhero, or a fairy-tale character casually taking the train. This underground universe throws the rule book of ‘normal’ out the window and embraces the peculiar with open arms.

Speaking of rules, the subway also has an uncanny knack for bending the laws of space. The “if I fits, I sits” rule is enthusiastically adopted by subway commuters, leading to some head-scratching seating arrangements. You might find someone comfortably perched on a stepladder or serenely squeezed into a suitcase. These daredevils redefine the concept of making yourself comfortable, no matter where you are.

However, let’s not forget the enigmatic side of our subway journeys. Sometimes, you may stumble upon sights that leave you scratching your head. A floating balloon without an owner, an unattended mannequin dressed in a tuxedo, a mysteriously lit candle. These oddities are the essence of the subway’s peculiar allure.

#2 There’s An 11-Year-Old In New York Subways That Sells Emotional Advice Instead Of Lemonade

#5 A Guy Brought His Peacock Onto The NYC Subway And No One Even Looked Up From Their Phones

#7 “When You…” Finish The Caption In The Comments

#9 Never Have I Wanted To Touch Someone’s Hat So Much!

#10 Dude Just Whipped Out This Desk On The Subway And Started His Meeting

#11 Try Explaining To Your Boss That You’re Late Because You Missed Your Stop While Feeding A Pink Chicken Cheerios On The Subway

#13 About Damn Time Karen Got Out Of Her Abusive, One-Way Relationship With Plankton. Spotted In Moscow

#14 My Boss Always Meets The Most Interesting People On His Commute

#18 I Had To Look Close Before I Realised That It Isn’t Smoke

#22 I Saw A Duck On The Train Man. It Was Too Much Man

#24 On The Subway Back Home, A Student Was Fooling Around With The Door. He Was Stuck Like This Until The Next Stop. We All Had A Good Laugh

#27 Sleeping Dude On My Train This Morning Reminded Me Of Renaissance Art And So I Found The Perfect Painting. Such Beauty And Grace

#28 He Really Gonna Sit There Reading That Book Like Some Dank Sh*t Ain’t On It’s Phone Next To Him?

#31 A Guy Gets On CTA (Chicago) With A Colony Of Bees…

#33 I Know Amazing Right? Thought My Italian Grandma Was The Only One Who Covered Seats In Plastic

#34 She Just Found The Best Way To Avoid People In The Subway And Save Miles On Her Mini Crosser

#40 First Time Riding The NYC Subway And It Was Not A Forgettable Experience

#42 Santdingo Coming Through To Stuff Stockings A Little Late

#51 When The Seasons Go From Winter To Summer Overnight

#59 Sometimes Things Come Together In The Most Unexpected Ways

#73 I Imagine People Going Back To Work Today Is Equivalent To Dropping A Child At Kindergarten On Their First Day Of School

Written by Maverick King

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