Funny and Weird Stock Photos that Will Make you Feel Uncomfortable

Stock photos are professional photos used to complement print and online publications. Yet some stock photos have a particular look; a weird, posey cheesiness often blended with ludicrously bad editing that instantly makes them recognizable. The moment you see a stock photo, you know it’s a stock photo. Since these images were designed primarily for sale, it’s unlikely anyone would choose them, even if they were free stock photos.

Why stock Photos are so weird 

One of the reasons for these strange stock photos is that people’s interests are changing, or in more specific terms, becoming weirder. A picture of a smiley office worker holding a coffee cup might have sold a company’s product a decade ago, but to this day, it brings nothing to your page. More than ever before, social media users are sharing their everyday lives on the platform. Additionally, consumers disengage from generic advertising and prefer a more tailored experience in their interactions with brands. Often, stock photo buyers have very specific requirements and will choose something that stands out among the rest over high quality by any other standard.  Increasingly, brands and consumers are looking for unique content over the uniform, bizarre over formulaic.

 From a woman throwing spaghetti in the forest with her supernatural hands to a man drowning a disabled lady after proposing to her, these hilariously weird stock photos require explanation and motive behind the creativity.

#1 Grandma teaches blond children important life lessons

#2 Guy reaches through computer screen and types backwards while a surprised cat looks off into the distance

#3 “A centaur has met the wrong half. he was very puzzled.”

#6 Excuse me miss, but that’s my d you’re sitting on

#8 “Hey lady, your computer isn’t even switched on”

#14 Need to get home before the storm, but i’m hitting all the cat lights

#15 I searched for “a large bird” on google and was not disappointed

#16 Hitler with potatoes and a picnic blanket looking dress

#18 Should i call the ambulance already? (notice the hand)

#21 Catanic featuring leornado dicatrio and cate winslet

#23 Child breaks the fourth dimension and creates a loophole, sending his legs into a different dimension and breaking his back, all while laughing about it.

#29 She’s just a little moody, now get the f*cking pickles

#30 Woman tackling a mugger who forgets he has two hands

#36 This is a search result for “evolution” – pretty much sums it up

#38 What we need is a picture of a blindfolded woman in lingerie holding a pomegranate with a octopus on it. oh and could you set up a mirror in the corner showing another woman sulking? perfect. thanks

#44 If you rub this potato on your skin, you’ll live forever!

#45 Bare chested man with tattoos, wearing butterfly wings

#46 A young boy trying to kill himself with a barcode scanner

#51 A man stands with two gourds in hand, wearing nothing but a speedo

#54 Why istock? i searched “finance”. came up in the first page of results

#55 Disgusted dietitian nutritionist checking examine sweet roll bun with stethoscope. because why not?

#58 A dwarf hairless rat unzips her friend to reveal a crested gecko underneath

#59 Stock photos of a hostage except the girl unable to pretend she’s not into it

#64 Young girl glued to the wall with duct tape, so daddy can relax and have a beer

#65 This nun praying to the celestial being of the seas

#76 Guy casually smiling while taking a smoke break and talking on the phone. also there is man tied up in his trunk.

#78 This woman, who is checking out her own ass which has been cut off from the rest of her body

#80 This man not quite realising the situation he is in

#87 Happy older couple selects perfect elephant butt replica

#94 Little boy eating a herring. it is a dutch tradition to eat a herring like this

#98 Feeling tired? recharge by simply putting a fork into the outlet

#99 Young woman drinking orange juice in pain while being strangled by the throat

#100 Come on, y’all, let’s take the tennis courts back from the jocks!

Written by Trey Lennon

Award-winning blogger and author. I want to travel to every zoo in this world, currently completing my master’s degree in Psychology. I love cats..

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