Funny and Inappropriate Kids Drawings that are So Embarrassing

Drawing is one of the first things a child learns. Increasing access to new technologies allows children and their families to learn essential creative skills in a whole new way. Children are excellent communicators, and through the arts, they can express themselves freely and make meaning of their thoughts, ideas and feelings. Parents and teachers can also gain valuable insight into a child’s feelings through drawing. Drawing also enhances a child’s fine motor skills as they are trained to coordinate their finger grips and movements with the ideas they are expressing.

Children don’t need a fancy coloring book with pre-set lines and numbers to draw and color. A blank piece of paper, an old newspaper, or even a wall can be used for this activity. An empty piece of paper and a colored pencil or crayon will go a long way for a child. Allow them to color and draw. The activity will provide them with a sense of achievement, and you will take home a piece of art to display at home.

However, sometimes kids draw something funny and inappropriate that even shock the adults. Of course, kids are also entirely innocent. They don’t know very much about the world yet, but what they do know is clean, safe, and pretty sweet. But sometimes, they draw some messed-up and weird. Most often, they are attempting to capture a scene they witnessed but do not fully comprehend. There are times when they show that they understand just a little bit more than most of their peers. Below are some of the most hilarious and inappropriate drawings by kids that will make you laugh hard.

#1 Little girl drew a picture of her mom at work. the mother is actually selling a snow shovel at home depot

#2 “Hulk smashes the kardashians” by my 10-year-old son

#5 My friend’s daughter had a school assignment to write one sentence about a family member and draw a picture about it

#6 I worked a kindergarten graduation service where the kids drew their own programs. obviously it’s a lighthouse

#8 Made a book for my dad for father’s day. my 13 year old sister could use practice drawing whistles

#9 My cousin valerie babysits a child who is not very fond of her

#11 The reason my son’s teacher asked to talk to me

#12 My uncle’s a firefighter. one of the kids they rescued drew up a thank you note

#14 My kid’s drawing about her first day of kindergarten. it’s her teacher

#16 My brother teases our little sister with chalkboard drawings every day. this was today’s

#17 So, my 6 year old sister was in a fight with my dad so she drew this

#18 My 5-year-old daughter drew a picture of her at the farm holding a shovel

#19 And one night while we were listening to old school rap he drew two turn tables

#20 This was my daughters artwork about a monkey and a lion

#21 I found an old drawing my sister drew when she was little… of her sacrificing me to the alien gods

#23 Found a drawing i did as a child. i’m a little bothered

#26 My friend’s son drew a picture of mommy mowing the lawn

#27 At what point should you tell someone that their kid is drawing questionable art?

#29 My 4-year-old son’s drawing of santa. yep that’s his hat

#30 My daughter’s skeleton this is in the classroom. apparently a daddy skeleton

#32 Friend of mine’s kid drew this. he said it was “daddy shaking hands with santa claus”

#33 I teach english. one of my student’s drawing looks horribly wrong

#34 My 5-year-old did this for preschool. mummy and daddy on their wedding day

#35 When your son draws a picture of himself flipping the bird on your mother’s day card

#39 This is my daughter billie’s drawing of a fox running away from an alien

#42 My son drew this last year in kindy! it’s supposed to be a fish with its tail out the bottom there

#43 My son was studying famine etc and this was his poster to raise awareness and money. i promise he’s ‘spoon’ feeding a child

#45 My daughters kinder flower – the kindy teacher kindly sent me a pic via sms

#46 Looks like rudolph is getting excited about christmas already

#47 It’s meant to be the bus from the wheels on the bus go rough and round

#48 Drawing of a giraffe. this kid may have been misinformed

#51 Girlfriend found a drawing assignment from when she was 7

#53 My son drew a lightsabre. no really, it’s a lightsabre.

#54 This kindy child followed the instructions too well

#56 My son drew his sister. those are fairy wings of course

#57 My sister found an old drawing she did. she makes a valid point

#58 I haven’t quite decided if my son has made me a poop or a dinky

#61 My 3 y.o. daughter drew mother monster, father monster, daughter monster. guess who is who!

#62 My son’s 1st grade drawing of a ninja fighting a beaver! he has since learned to spell ninja!

#64 My daughter drew this picture of me smelling her feet saying “yuck pee-ew” lol.

Written by Violet Nina

I am a rebellious storyteller, costume designer, and sort of an artist. I love partying, dancing, loud trance music, and prefer fishnet over Leggings.

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