Riding the Rails of Rarities: A Chronicle of Humorous and Odd Subway Spotting

When we talk about the subway, the words ‘funny’ and ‘weird’ are often part of the conversation. Every journey becomes a potpourri of people, and it’s in this diverse mix that we stumble upon moments of joy and surprise.

One moment, you might find yourself sharing the carriage with a gentleman reading a newspaper upside down in all seriousness, seemingly oblivious to the world around him. The next moment, you might spot a fellow commuter who has decided that their ride is the perfect time to practice their juggling skills, much to the amusement (and sometimes, concern) of everyone else in the carriage.

And it doesn’t stop there. The subway’s fashion fiesta is a spectacle in itself. Have you ever seen a fellow passenger dressed as a popular comic book character, or someone wearing a Halloween costume in the middle of April? Well, in the world of subways, the extraordinary is ordinary. The underground carriages are like a parade of unconventional styles, breaking the monotony of everyday commuting.

Subway journeys also reveal the quirkiest culinary tastes. Imagine the surprise of spotting a passenger chowing down on a pineapple like an apple, or someone trying to balance a full-fledged three-course meal on their lap. These moments of unexpected humor make every ride an unpredictable adventure.

And let’s not forget the performers who make our travels vibrant. From impromptu rap battles to stand-up comedy routines, they fill the underground with joy and laughter. Their funny antics and performances turn an ordinary ride into a delightful spectacle, making the commute much more enjoyable.

At times, the subway resembles a petting zoo. From dogs wearing sunglasses to cats in strollers, the array of furry friends accompanying their human companions can be both amusing and heartwarming.

Each subway ride is akin to opening a surprise package – you never know what you’ll encounter. As strange as they may be, these moments of hilarity and weirdness add a touch of whimsy and color to our everyday life.

#1 This punk is helping a woman carry heavy stuff in Berlin’s subway.

#2 You can’t bring your dog on the subway in New York unless it fits in a bag.

#5 The Tube’s infamous “Balloon Bandit” makes balloon animals and quickly goes back to his book.

#10 Sooooo, my friend found his doppelganger in the subway last night.

#13 Taking the underground subway in Seoul, I stumbled upon a train that had been converted into a grocery store.

#16 Einstein achieves time travel (subway, Buenos Aires).

#17 I’m more concerned about the guy on the bottom right, tbh.

#19 This sign on the London Underground reminds people to respect the British culture.

#22 We’ve reached that point of summer where pad installation is necessary.

#23 This pigeon is out here looking like every New Yorker waiting for the train.

#24 Thought of you all when I saw this guy selling plants on my subway ride home. He kept saying things like “I don’t sell weed, I just sell tropical plants.”

#30 On the way to pick up their kids from their ex-wives.

#33 There was a fight at my subway stop; this was the aftermath.

#34 Pet bananas are allowed in the subway as long as they are on a leash.

#37 So NYC MTA (subway) banned all dogs unless the owner carries them in a bag. I think this owner nailed it.

#40 This guy’s lunch made it onto the train without him this morning.

#41 The only guy guaranteed a seat on the Tube at rush hour.

#42 Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the world’s worst person.

Written by Maverick King

Born and raised in Luxembourg, marketing expert. I compose interesting stories, lists. Love to play ping-pong, Grey’s, Anatomy tv series.

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