Funniest Spelling Mistakes and Typos that Will Make you Laugh

It seems like spelling is such a minor issue these days, and we tend to ignore it. We all have an autocorrection function in our smartphones and computers. However, it is one of the most challenging issues we face in business. Poor spelling can ruin your professional reputation. According to a survey, four in five hiring managers automatically discard a resume with spelling errors. A second study found that 79% of recruiters and human resource managers said spelling and grammatical mistakes were the most significant “deal breakers” in the job hunt.

The ability to spell correctly takes time and effort for most people, except those with excellent visual memories. In most cases, simply seeing a word or reading it repeatedly isn’t enough to enable us to spell it correctly. We need to learn to spell actively. However, many people associate the ability to spell with intelligence. As with reading and writing, some people need more practice than others to develop their spelling skills. The critical thing to understand when we attempt to spell a word, even if we are wrong, is that we do so as a way of applying what we know of the English language to print; that is, forming a theory, or hypothesis, about the way it should be spelled. We are more likely to remember an amendment or correction to our guess if we have a theory about something than if we have never tried it. Therefore, guessing helps us learn.

Errors are perfectly normal, and that is what makes us human. There’s no shortage of spelling errors around us from “Dognuts” to asking you to pay a fee before existing. But as naturally as errors arise, so do laughs when performing a spelling check. Here are some hilarious spelling mistakes and typos that will make you laugh and confident that you are not alone in this game.

#2 Can you imagine going into a board meeting and seeing this sign? Just reading it would make one tired

#8 An actual prescription that my brother forgot about, guess he dodged a bullet

#10 And the “world’s greatest typo” award goes to

#20 Got this in my fortune cookie. It’s about time those fruits started showing some appreciation

#22 Firefighters had to deal with not just the fire, but…

#23 Apparently those in the scuba community have to deal with some high maintenance members

#28 They misspelled “food” on my girlfriends prescription

#31 When the bakery encourages you to mark your territory

#32 Noticed this little typo in the immediate care forms. Apparently i’m the only one to point it out

#36 A friend of mine called a restaurant about a spelling mistake on their sign. And they changed it

#39 Phew, ok i only have carrot phones in my purse it’s ok

#41 There was a small typo in my local paper a few months back

#42 You’re fine to smoke, just don’t make any damn noise

#54 That would not improve the air quality in our home

#55 My friend’s phone charger is adorably misspelled

#56 Maybe he was just sad and was asking someone to make him merry

#58 Okay i know everyone is tired of the armstrong story, but here’s a new revelation of his secret

#63 Maybe it’s not a misspelling and only the truth

#64 Someone missed one letter in my local grocery store’s ad and it made me laugh all day

#65 My wife just sent this to me from a wedding shower. Wat?

#68 There really is no hope for the children of today

#72 4 years later and she still doesn’t know the difference between “who’s” and “whose”

#75 Damn management, always trying to stop a good time

#77 As someone who is constantly proofreading, this just shook me to my core

#78 The correct spelling was literally right in front of them. North carolina education at it’s finest

#83 Must wear costume if you want to use this bathroom

#95 Bought a kilo of these because they were in fashion

#100 Pork and lion meat aren’t great together though

#104 Unfortunately, her friend “angle” is just as bad at spelling as she is

#106 E after e except for if you go to york university

#107 Maybe my local chinese buffet should stick to chinese food

#108 A teacher misspelled teacher on our school’s electronic billboard

#109 Yes, please be careful. The senors are rather delicate

#118 I could maybe forgive this grammatical error if the offending party wasn’t a school

#121 Found a woman’s perfect house. Perfect for entertaining

#126 How many heads hit this trying to figure out what it says

#127 Well duh. Brackfas is the most imporran meal of the day

#130 Unfortunate typo in a minnesota smalltown daily newspaper

#139 My reese’s had two different spellings of the same message

#142 “knifes” is a much more blunt and violent sounding word than “knives”

#149 This sign still has the red squiggly line under the misspelled words

Written by Maverick King

Born and raised in Luxembourg, marketing expert. I compose interesting stories, lists. Love to play ping-pong, Grey’s, Anatomy tv series.

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