Worst Tattoos Fails of that are so bad; You Can't Help but Laugh

A tattoo can be considered a form of body art, and some have taken the world by storm with their beautiful designs. Minimalistic tattoos, Glow-in-the-Dark Tattoos and Embroidery Tattoos have become a significant trend. Since tattoos are generally permanent, you should pick something you can live with for the rest of your life. Some people choose artistic tattoos or clever couple tattoos, while others make choices that will leave you scratching your head. There’s nothing worse than getting a tattoo with a spelling mistake or one that makes no sense except to you. Finding the right tattoo artist and not compromising on price is essential when you’re finally ready for your tattoo.

Tattoo lovers and non-tattooists agree that proofreading is crucial before making a permanent mark. There are plenty of examples of bad tattoos, and we will show you some hilarious ones. Some are just misspelt, some are so ugly that it is hard to look at them, and some are completely unexplainable, but one thing is sure: the next time you make a tattoo, you will remember these tattoos fails. Be glad you didn’t make the same mistakes as these people, and vote up the most unfortunate tattoo fails below. These tattoo fails are a great source of inspiration if you don’t have any tattoos and are looking for ideas.

#1 Some guy tried to copy my tattoo artist’s work – tattooed a nipple on his arm

#4 Today i learned that my friend’s chinese tattoo literally means “turkey sandwich”

#15 This tattoo was apparently supposed to be of “stars”

#25 A facebook friend wanted a very specific tattoo, i think the artist really nailed it

#26 So my buddy’s step sister got a tattoo of her mother

#30 Guy from high school got the same tattoo as his dog

#33 A girl i went to high school with has this on her upper thigh

#35 My uncle’s new tattoo. Christmas will be awkward this year

#46 My mom’s ex got a tattoo of her after she passed. I guess i never realized my mom was an asian man, with 5 o’clock shadow

#47 Unfortunate tattoo placement in an engagement photo

#52 Tiger anatomy continues to baffle artists, survey says

#56 Instagram find. I never laughed so hard at a tattoo

#59 Friend bought a tattoo gun on amazon for £100. Tattooed darth vader on himself

#65 This “artist’s” work comes across my facebook feed daily, quite the treasure trove

#68 Is it just the angle or does she have a pinocchio arm?

#73 Spotted on the chicago subway. A paw and bow tie, or…

#74 Will it look good when it’s done? And yes, it’s real

#75 I’ve got a hunch that he isn’t, “wrongfully convicted.” call me crazy, but

#88 “yeah, i want a full sized wrestling championship belt tattooed across my stomach in extreme detail. Don’t worry about my belly button”

#90 Found this butterface on a local shop’s instagram

#94 A tattoo artist at a well known store in my city did this on herself, and posted it to facebook. Everyone loves it. Am i crazy for not seeing what everyone else sees?

#99 I told him not to do it, my friend got a centipede tattoo on the face

#105 While we’re doing teen mom tattoos. Here’s amber’s tattoo of her daughter

Written by Violet Nina

I am a rebellious storyteller, costume designer, and sort of an artist. I love partying, dancing, loud trance music, and prefer fishnet over Leggings.

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