Embroidery Tattoos: Stunning Vibrant Body Art that Look like Sewn into the Skin

The embroidery field includes a wide range of styles and techniques. Choosing between thread paintings and freestyle is one of the stitchers’ many options for making images with thread. Tattoo artists have merged this ancient art form with folk art to create beautiful, traditional tattoos that are both uniquely designed and traditional. Cross stitch and crewel embroidery are the two most common embroidery tattoos that are inspired by ancient traditions. With cross stitch tattoos formed by tiny “X” marks, Eva Karabudak first made them famous, while crewel tattoos closely mimic satin stitching. In a rapidly developing genre, needlework artists carefully balance realistic needlework looks and outlandish stylings ranging from classical art to flower inks and video game characters.

As embroidery tattoos almost have a 3D appearance, they resemble a craft patch applied directly to a garment. As opposed to the equally growing trend of cross stitch tattoos that use tiny ‘X’ marks in each pattern, these cross-stitch tattoos mimic the deliberate needle marks of embroidery. No embroidery, stitching, or yarn is used. The embroidery tattoo is created in the usual way – with a tattoo gun, needle, and inks to color your skin. An embroidery tattoo replicates the texture of embroidered fabrics and more traditional styles – a cartoon character, sports motif, 3D tattoos, and superhero badge.

The most successful embroidery tattoos resemble patch tattoos that can be ironed or stitched onto clothing. Below are some of the most stunning embroidery tattoos for both men and women.

Written by Violet Nina

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