Brace Yourselves for a Laughter Riot: The Most Hilarious Photoshop Fails Ever!

In the digital age, where social media reigns supreme, and the quest for the perfect photo seems never-ending, it’s no surprise that Photoshop has become a household name. But with great power comes great responsibility; sometimes, people wielding this mighty tool fall short of their intended goals. The result? A treasure trove of side-splitting Photoshop fails that leave us all in stitches! So, without further ado, let’s dive into the world of these hilarious disasters, where one misstep can catapult you into internet infamy.

We’ve all seen those “masterpieces” that make us wonder, “What were they thinking?” Whether it’s an extra limb mysteriously appearing out of nowhere, a floating head that defies the laws of gravity, or a poorly edited background that looks more like a kindergarten art project, these Photoshop blunders will have you gasping for air between bouts of laughter. Be sure to check out the list below for an uproarious collection of epic Photoshop mishaps.

But let’s not be too harsh on the creators of these delightful disasters. After all, haven’t we all fallen victim to the siren song of Photoshop’s seemingly limitless possibilities? There’s something almost endearing about the naive optimism that leads to these photo faux pas. It’s a testament to the human spirit – a relentless pursuit of perfection, even when the odds are stacked against us.

The best part about these hilarious Photoshop fails is that they serve as a reminder that even in our highly curated, digital world, it’s okay to be imperfect. They provide us with much-needed comic relief, a respite from the constant barrage of “picture-perfect” images that flood our screens daily.

As you explore the list of the worst Photoshop fails below, remember to enjoy the laughter they bring and take them as a lesson in humility. It’s alright to make mistakes, and sometimes, those very blunders can create moments of joy and hilarity that unite us all in a collective chuckle.

So, let’s raise a toast to the unsung heroes of the internet – those brave souls who tried, failed, and made us laugh along the way. Their Photoshop faux pas will forever be immortalized in the annals of internet history, providing us with a never-ending source of amusement. Don’t forget to check out the list below and prepare to laugh until you cry!

#3 Finally, a shower that accommodates a broken neck.

#4 A baffling case of front-facing underwear on a backward-facing model.

#5 A warning against leaving babies unattended during bath time.

#6 The horse’s body seems to have disappeared in this American Apparel photo.

#9 This woman appears surprisingly calm despite the plane appearing to crash into the Hudson.

#13 The selfie stick seems to be used incorrectly in this photo.

#14 Looks like she forgot to draw her eyebrows that day.

#15 Ally Brooke appears to have two right feet in this photo.

#16 The peas in this menu photo appear to be photoshopped in.

#17 A giant in the process of being paralyzed in this photo.

#18 Unless you’re an identical twin, this job may not be for you.

#20 The addition of more babies seems to be the solution in this photo.

#21 These poor squid-girls have been poorly photoshopped.

#22 A photo that could be classified as nightmare material.

#23 Can you spot the mistake in this photo? The Photoshop pros missed it.

#24 The arms in this photo appear to be unnaturally long.

#25 Sometimes Photoshop can be helpful, like when La Redoute forgot to remove the naked guy in the background.

#26 It appears that the original family wasn’t attractive enough, so they were photoshopped out.

#27 This car at the Mazda booth has been photoshopped.

#28 This university’s president appears to be very hands-on in this photo.

#32 The Samsung tablet appears to have the ability to show the future in this photo.

#33 The attention to detail in this photo is remarkable.

#34 This professional photographer’s attempt to fix a family’s photo shoot resulted in a fail.

#35 A peculiar cross between a llama and a retriever.

#37 A puppy in October seems to be experiencing a Photoshop fail.

#38 If this is the view from your airplane window, it’s time to start panicking.

#39 The holes in the waffles don’t match the holes in the waffle maker in this photo.

#40 Something appears to be missing from this man’s outfit.

#41 Can you identify the Photoshop fail in this photo?

#42 This grill on Amazon seems to be a lot taller than advertised.

#43 This woman’s belly button seems to be in the wrong place.

#45 This photo’s poor Photoshop job on the neck may make you question everything.

#46 Jennifer Aniston takes yoga to the next level in this photo.

#47 A mom with three extra feet of legs in this photo.

#48 An unusual advertisement for underwear with an oversized model head.

#49 The reflection in this photo appears to be incorrect.

#50 Models may be too expensive, as seen in this photo.

#51 This book seems to have used the same dog photo three times.

#52 There appears to be something wrong with Kate Walsh’s legs in this Bad Judge promo photo.

#53 There’s something off about this baby in the photo.

#55 Kylie Minogue appears to have a curvy… wall in this photo.

#58 Chanel has turned their jewelry model into a giraffe in this photo.

#59 If they wanted to add a hat to this model, they could have at least made it the right size in this photo.

#60 Reese Witherspoon and Oprah appear to have grown some extra limbs in this photo.

#61 She is looking at the reflection of the wall in this photo.

#62 Where did that double sleeve come from in this photo?

#63 The suspenders in this Doctor Who promo poster aren’t really connected.

#67 Arzaylea’s photoshop fail included a bent bottle that she deleted after people noticed in this photo.

#68 Kristen Stewart appears to have lost an arm in this photo.

#69 Olivia Munn’s giant head on the cover of WebMD is the latest in unrealistic body image and bad photoshop in this photo.

#70 This guy seems to be dunking away from the hoop on the back of a Cheez-It box in this photo.

#71 This weight loss/diet ad in London used a stretched photo of a woman in Photoshop.

#72 This poor intern must have lied about knowing Photoshop on their resume in this photo.

#75 Gisele Bundchen’s belly button seems to be missing in this photo.

#76 The neck in this photo appears to be strangely long.

#77 Alia Bhatt had a handy disaster on the cover of Cosmopolitan India in this photo.

#78 The top and bottom halves of this Ann Taylor model don’t match in this photo.

#79 The photoshop job in this photo is quite noticeable.

#80 The pudding in this photo appears to be floating.

#81 Something strange is going on with her hand in this photo.

#82 This pizza place photoshopped a pepperoni pizza into a cheese pizza in this photo.

#83 Her torso is twisted, but there’s something off about the way her legs are positioned in this photo.

#84 Adam Levine has lost quite a bit of his torso in this shot from Vogue Russia in this photo.

#85 The picture of a straw on this box of straws is just a Photoshop line tool in this photo.

#86 Something looks strange with his hips, and he also has another watch visible only in mirrors in this photo.

#87 Kate Moss and her daughter Lila Grace appear to have lost fingers in this photo.

#88 Jessica’s hair seems to have been copied and pasted a few times in this photo.

#89 This model seems to have lost a few inches of her thigh in this photo.

#90 Natalie Portman’s leg appears to be touching the bed, but her foot is far away from it in this photo.

#91 Isabel Preysler’s daughter, Ana, has a very long arm, or someone else is holding her waist in this photo.

#92 This model seems to have lost a leg in this photo.

#93 This reflection seems to be impossible in this photo.

#94 Something strange happens where her waist meets her arm in this photo.

#95 VS is known for their photoshop magic in this photo.

#96 The Catholic calendar features some mad photoshop skills in this photo.

#97 Gigi Hadid’s arm appears to be off in Vogue in this photo.

#98 Bruh in response to a photoshop fail in this photo.

#99 The horse in this photo has poor legs due to photoshop.

#100 This toy is perfect for your child if your child is Satan in this photo.

#101 Seems legit in response to a suspicious photoshop job in this photo.

#102 Searching for face covers on Amazon in this photo.

#103 I spit out my drink in response to a funny photoshop fail in this photo.

#104 The bottom of this person seems to be invisible in this photo.

#105 Photoshop level: 1000! in response to an incredibly unrealistic photoshop job in this photo.

#106 I have no words in response to a particularly bad photoshop job in this photo.

#107 This yoga pose may be a photoshop fail in this photo.

#108 This mattress pad promises to protect your bed from giant disembodied hands that pour old soda onto invisible flat surfaces in this photo.

#109 This cat appears to be wearing makeup in this photo.

#110 The legs in this photo look like those of an alien.

#111 And all the kittens clapped for the graphics design skills in response to a well-done photoshop job in this photo.

#112 Oh well in response to a minor photoshop fail in this photo.

#113 Haters will say it’s photoshop! in response to a suspicious-looking photo.

#114 Anyone else always swim in regular clothes and shoes? in response to a funny photoshop job in this photo.

#115 Need I say more about this Instagram ad? in response to an unrealistic photoshop job in this photo.

#116 Thumb looks kinda sus in response to a strange photoshop job in this photo.

#117 These realtors did their best to give the tree some leaves in this photo.

#118 These pants are said to be the most magical pair ever in this photo.

#119 This clickbait at the bottom of a legitimate news article features a photo of a totally real bridge with totally real cars in this photo.

#120 Found this advertising an article…how many hands does she have? in response to a funny photoshop job in this photo.

#121 The arms and waist in this photo are ridiculous due to photoshop.

#122 Umm in response to a questionable photoshop job in this photo.

#123 This photoshop fail is featured on an actual manufacturer’s website in this photo.

#124 My friend just posted this in response to a funny photoshop job in this photo.

#125 This headband is said to be worn only by cool guys on Amazon in this photo.

#126 She made him pregnant in response to a strange photoshop job in this photo.

#127 Living the hourglass life in response to a photo featuring an unrealistic body image due to photoshop.

#128 How did this make it onto store shelves? in response to a questionable photoshop job in this photo.

#129 I was looking for a cat backpack and found this in response to a funny photoshop job in this photo.

#130 This page is full of professional photo editing examples in this photo.

#131 How big is this thing? in response to a photo featuring an unrealistic object size due to photoshop.

#132 What’s going on with her leg? in response to a strange photoshop job in this photo.

#133 Right arm? White triangle between thighs? Then they want me to sh!+ myself?!!! Do better, VS in response to an unrealistic photoshop job in this photo.

#135 A waffle iron that can make pumpkins? Sign me up!

#137 This newspaper is trying too hard to look popular.

#139 A Tunisian minister’s leg was awkwardly photoshopped in this fail.

#140 Her poor posture resulted in unusually large arms and a bent door behind her.

#144 This dog fence ad is all about the adorable puppy.

#145 TMZ’s ‘composite’ fail of Sophie Turner and Jonas’ newborn.

#146 This mask looks so comfortable and totally real.

#147 I found these fluffy table mats on Etsy and I want them all.

#148 I can’t believe I never noticed the lack of shadows in this picture I created three years ago.

#150 What’s going on with her left thumb in this picture?

#151 Can we really trust this Amazon product photo for replacement toothbrush heads?

#153 I’m surprised this wasn’t on the Photoshop fail sub when I checked.

#154 Don’t have any friends to pose for your ad? Just Photoshop them in!

#155 The attention to detail and perspective in this picture is truly fascinating.

#157 This ad featuring Jennifer Aniston’s poorly pasted head onto a stock image is a fail.

#158 I can hardly tell this picture has been Photoshopped.

#159 I don’t think I’ll be ordering these products, something seems off about them.

#160 Am I crazy, or is there no actual dog on that bed?

#164 It’s my cake day, but all I got was this poorly photoshopped chicken.

#165 This is the biggest security camera I’ve ever seen in a government building.

#166 I found this gem on Amazon, and it’s definitely a Photoshop fail.

#167 Even a billion-dollar company can’t afford good Photoshop sometimes.

Written by Scarlet Flynn

I am a photographer, retoucher, writer and mother of a beautiful daughter. I also colourize old photographs to bring them to life.

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