Yogi, An Adorable Dog with a Human Face that Will Make you Say Woah

Take a look at Yogi, a gorgeous puppy of the Shih-Tzu breed that captures people’s hearts online. It’s not that this companion dog has an exceptional talent or anything. When he appeared on Reddit for the first time, people noticed something unusual about his appearance. His nose looks like a human face!

There are probably several reasons why this unusual animal gives such an impression. Its brown, almond-shaped eyes, the illusion of eyebrows and pinkish lips, and its accurate haircut contribute distinctive appearance. At first glance, it may even seem as if the dog’s face results from a very successful face swap! Yet Chantal Desjardins, Yogi’s owner, had never thought of her lap dog in this way: “Looking at him, I usually don’t see it!”.

When Yogi is paired up with another dog, the impression is stronger. Even though his appearance is genuinely human, the angles of the camera, the way his fur is groomed, and even the lighting play a significant role in determining his overall appearance.

Yogi is an adorable dog who is taking the internet by storm because of his human-like appearance

Yogi next to another dog gives the impression of a “human face” even more strength

Many people say that at first glance, it appears that he is the result of a successful face swap

Yogi’s owner had never thought of her dog in this way before: “I usually don’t see it when I look at him.”

While his appearance is quite human, the angles of the camera and the way his fur is groomed play a huge role in creating this effect

They are so cute together!

Written by Hazel Zoe

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