Interesting Facts and Adorable Photos of Baby Beavers That Will Make Your Day

Beavers are large, nocturnal, semi-aquatic rodents. They are known for building dams, canals, and homes. During the winter months, they build one or more barriers to create a still, deep pool of water. This provides protection against predators as well as floating food and building material. There were once more than 60 million beavers in North America, but as of 1988, there were 6–12 million. During the decline in the population, fur, glands, clothing, top hats, and perfume were hunted for use in medicine, clothing, and fragrance. Native peoples and early settlers ate the meat of this animal. Males and females live in monogamous pairs with their offspring. Young males may also help raise their parents’ newly born offspring and help repair dams and lodges when they are old enough. Beavers mark their territories with scent mounts made of mud, debris, and castoreum, a urine-based substance excreted in their castor sacs. The anal gland secretions of beavers also allow them to recognize their kin and tolerate them better as neighbors.

International Beaver Day

International Beaver Day is celebrated on April 7th of every year. These small animals play an essential role in maintaining local ecosystems. Beavers were hunted to extinction in Britain in the 16th century for their meat, fur, and castoreum, but the species have been seen at several sites since the early 2000s. Beaver pelts have been a significant driver of the fur trade, while castoreum has been used in medicine, perfume, and food flavours. We celebrate this day to save beaver hunting since beavers can help solve major environmental problems by restoring wetlands. As well as providing essential services like water purification and streamflow regulation, they regulate climate.

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#5 This is an orphan rescue baby beaver who had lost its mommy

#13 When you thought the aloha safari zoo couldn’t get any cuter

#15 Meet shiloh, the newborn baby beaver at zoomontana

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