Woman Shares Weirdest Food Cravings during Pregnancy, and Some of them are Inedible

Food cravings are sudden urges to eat a certain type of food. During pregnancy, they affect many women. Often, these cravings are for familiar foods, such as chocolate cake or apples, but sometimes they are for unusual combinations of foods or foods you don’t normally enjoy. We usually crave ice cream, chocolate, and other sweet foods, as well as fish, dairy, and fruit.

According to a study published in Frontiers in Psychology, 50 per cent to 90 per cent of American pregnant women suffer from some sort of specific food craving during pregnancy, The reason pregnant women crave particular tastes, textures, or flavour combinations is unknown—a woman’s cravings peak during her second trimester and decline in her third trimester during pregnancy. Few cravings persist after delivery, so you won’t keep eating the same strange foods forever. Women most often have a craving for a few days, then another for the next few days.

Pregnancy cravings tend to be personal, harmless, and even humorous. Mia Challiner, a TikToker with a whopping 1.6 million followers, shows us some of the weirdest food cravings during the pregnancy and taste them.

Written by Scarlet Flynn

I am a photographer, retoucher, writer and mother of a beautiful daughter. I also colourize old photographs to bring them to life.

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