Valkyrie, An Adorable Fluffy cat with a Human-like Face

You might remember the post we did on Yogi, a dog with a human face. And in this post, we introduce you to a cat with a human look.

Valkyrie, a very adorable and fluffy cat, has a face that resembles a human. Its look is eerily reminiscent of a human face, which is very unusual for a cat. Tatiana Rastorgueva, the owner of the baby Maine Coon, posted Valkyrie’s video and images on her Instagram, and people fell in love with it. Tatyana Rastorgueva’s cats are the result of breeding father cat Vatican and mother cat Lucien. While breeding Maine Coons, Tatyana claims that she focused on the types she liked, which is why the kittens have a recognizable human-like “face” and piercing eyes.

It’s not entirely clear what distinguishes her from other cats- it may be her bone structure, round cheeks, a prominent beard or her look of boredom in her eyes. Nonetheless, a cat with a human face isn’t something you see every day.

I really love animals, cats have always been a part of my life, But I began to professionally breed cats in 2002, I have been working directly with Maine Coons since 2004. I like what I do. I can say that cats are my calling.

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