Squiggly Lips: The Bizarre beauty Trend that Failed Terribly

We see new beauty trends every time we browse social media, ranging from bold to weird. As if squiggly brows weren’t odd enough, squiggly lips have also appeared, and if this isn’t a sign of the end times, we don’t know what is.

Though some beauty addicts have carved their lips into funky, wavy, or spiky lines, not everyone is a fan. The lips are shaped like two connected squiggly lines you might have drawn in your high school binders. We held our tongue when fake freckles rolled out. We clenched our teeth through the unicorn liner. We screamed into our pillows over feather eyebrows. Perhaps that’s more than we can handle. If it’s all one big satirical joke, we’re all for it.

Whether people are taking this seriously or poking fun at the beauty community’s revolving door of fads, the reception has been pretty funny. Take a look at it for yourself and what people are saying about it.

Written by Violet Nina

I am a rebellious storyteller, costume designer, and sort of an artist. I love partying, dancing, loud trance music, and prefer fishnet over Leggings.

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