Explain a Film Plot Badly: Hilariously Accurate Movies Explanation that Will Make you Laugh

There is nothing more painful than watching a poorly written or directed movie on your weekends. This gets even worse when you watch it in a theatre and waste your money and time. This terrible experience can be easily avoided by reading quality reviews. There are so many movies being made nowadays, making picking the right movie a very challenging task. When watching a movie, there are many things to consider, and often just looking at the poster won’t give you a good enough idea of what you’re going to see. You can find reviews on just about any film that has ever been made, and reading them can be very helpful for several reasons. Film reviews are exactly what you need if you don’t know what films are about or what to expect from them, making it difficult for you to decide between different films. Whether you’re a cinephile, you can find great movie reviews on the Internet. Reading a movie review will help you better understand what the movie is about, including if it fits your interests. You will gain insight into some technical aspects of the film that will help you analyse it deeply. Although, it also has a lot of disadvantages, such as unraveling the whole story, ruining the suspense, and revealing the ending.

What if you are too lazy to search and read quality reviews? What if you wanted the entire plot summed up in just a couple of lines? ‘Explain a film plot badly’ is a popular trend, and though it does no justice to popular movies, it’s very funny! And no, no movie is safe from these hilariously inaccurate descriptions – Lord of the Rings, Titanic to, Harry Potter series, every flick gets its fair share. What started as a happy accident is now sweeping the Internet. Check out our list of the best movie descriptions below.

Written by Trey Lennon

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