What Depression Looks and Feels like Through These Terribly Accurate Artworks

Depression negatively affects a person’s mood, emotions, and behavior. Symptoms can include mood swings that make it difficult to concentrate, increase feelings of anxiety and hopelessness, or make you feel extremely irritable. People who suffer from depression might experience feelings of sadness often and lose interest in activities they used to enjoy. Additionally, depression can trigger emotional challenges that can make functioning at work and home challenges. Some people feel totally numb and isolated from others.

Depression is often misunderstood as being similar to feeling sad or down. While depression causes sadness in many people, it is much more severe than emotions that come and go from everyday events. The symptoms of depression can last for months or years and make daily life difficult or impossible. It can affect careers, relationships, and daily tasks such as self-care and housework. People who suffer from depression may not enjoy things they once wanted and may feel like nothing can make them happy. Depression makes it difficult to make decisions, read, or watch television because people can’t think clearly and have trouble following what’s happening. Depression may make a person feel worthless or like they are a failure at everything. It might be difficult for depressed people to see themselves as positive if they dwell on negative experiences. Some people with depression find it difficult to fall asleep or stay asleep all night. The person may wake up early and have trouble falling back asleep. Some people sleep excessively but wake up feeling tired or unrefreshed even after getting extra hours of sleep. Even when they are getting enough sleep, some people can’t get out of bed or feel exhausted. This may make it difficult for them to go about their daily lives. Depression can cause people to feel like they don’t want to eat anything, and they have to force themselves to. This can lead to weight loss.

These mind-blowing artworks and drawings were created by artists who have first-hand experience dealing with depression, and they illustrate their experience in a very relatable way. With monsters roaming your head and feelings of complete loneliness, depression is far more debilitating than one might think. Check out these depression artworks below to see how various artists feel or imagine this mental illness.

#39 I decided to give art therapy a go to work through some stuff – this is my interpretation of depression, anxiety and depersonalisation

#98 We all have monster inside of us. Some learn to cope with them, others are brought down

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