Funny Memes About Work that are so Relatable and will Surely Make your Day

You have built up an impressive career with years of experience and a wide range of skills. The last six months have taken you hours in front of job boards submitting resume after resume and writing your cover letter again and again. Despite all your efforts, you remain unemployed. It may be harder to land a job than you think because there are fewer openings than you expect. And if you miraculously got the job after the resume tradition and tough job interview, soon you start hating your job. Even dream jobs have days when you can barely get out of bed. It’s just the way jobs are. Oftentimes, everyone – especially those who cry on Sunday night because they realize they have to the office only a few hours later – forgets that working for a living is a significant blessing. Unsurprisingly, many people think about how appreciative they are to have a dependable source of income during the day, even if they dislike their jobs.

There are many problems at work caused by dissatisfied employees. In addition to being less productive, they are usually less engaged and more likely to leave. The adverse effects of unhappy employees can spread throughout the organization like a virus. It happens because their interactions with colleagues are generally negative, which negatively impacts morale. We’ve all dealt with an employee who is constantly complaining or whining, especially millennials. Gallup polls of 2016 show 71% of them aren’t engaged at work, although they dominate the workforce.

But regardless of how you feel, bored or tired, everyone needs good humor instead of searching nonsense on the internet or visiting the bathroom repeatedly so that you can spend extra few minutes. Below we have collected a list of hilariously relatable memes about work that will make you laugh.

Written by Leandro Turner

Webmaster, blogger and amateur chef. I love to find and explore unique and amazing things on the internet and share them with you guys :)

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