Model Sara Jean Underwood Dresses Up as Star Wars Characters

George Lucas’ tale of a young man, an evil empire, and a galaxy far, far away captured the imagination of an entire generation, and it continues to inspire young fans weaned on prequels, sequels, and other canonical spin-offs. There is no denying the mythic nature of the good vs. evil story – however, what keeps people coming back to Star Wars is the vast universe the saga established, full of strange alien races and bizarre technology. This unique fandom has touched the lives of millions of people for over forty years. It is the characters that make the whole thing come alive. The men and women, angels and devil, who have made the stories real for the fans. Their actions, like few others, have influenced the galaxy.

Model Sara Jean Underwood paid tribute to Star Wars in her unique style by dressing up in many Star Wars Characters. You’re about to see the strangest and best Star Wars nod you’ve ever seen.

Written by Violet Nina

I am a rebellious storyteller, costume designer, and sort of an artist. I love partying, dancing, loud trance music, and prefer fishnet over Leggings.

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