Adorable Photos of Snakes wearing Hats that Will Make your Day

Snakes are one dangerous reptile, and we should avoid them at all costs. However, even if they are hazardous, they are cuter than any floof you may see on the internet as long as they have a hat.

Like baked beans and grapes, snakes and hats go hand in hand: it’s rare for one to exist without the other. You know it’s time to party when people wear hats on their snakes! The subculture even has its subreddit. Across several social media platforms, including Facebook and Reddit, celebrate snakehood by sharing the cutest pictures of snakes sporting top hats, bonnets, beanies, cowboy hats, fedoras, wizard hats, and everything in between.

The community started in 2011-2012 when a snake named Lola wore a hat and was very docile. More and more people began posting pictures, and the page quickly grew. As of 2021, the group has 52,000 active members.

Here below are some adorable photos of snakes wearing fancy hats that will make your day.

#4 Did you hear about the live action robin hood remake?

#12 Hocus pocus, you lost focus. Alakazoo alakazam i wish your day is grand

#23 I was bored so, inspired by this sub, i made a samurai helmet for our girl

#28 Say hello to doug dimmadome owner of the dimmsdale dimmadome

Written by Hazel Zoe

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