These Photos of a Pug Skull Depict Why They Have Shorter Lifespan

Pugs have a long history dates back to the Chinese Han dynasty (B.C. 206 to A.D. 200). According to sources, Chinese Emperors cherished this dog breed. They even had soldiers to guard the dogs. Nowadays, pugs are among the most popular dog breeds and are part of many families worldwide. There are more short-skulled dogs in the media these days, making people more aware of this breed and how charming it can be. However, these pups have several health issues to deal with.

If you look at the pug’s skull, you will know why they are prone to some severe health problems. Pugs have a shorter lifespan of up to four years compared to other breeds. Pugs have all of the same tissues in their head that an average dog has, but they have less space, so they get dental crowding, and they also get the soft palate hanging down, which gives them the [breathing] sounds. Excess skin on their faces can make them more prone to eczema and other skin conditions, as well as eye problems, while their preference for large heads and tiny waists makes it more challenging to give birth. English and French bulldog puppies often need a caesarian section during their delivery.

Below are some photos of the pug and other breeds’ skulls to clarify more.

Written by Leandro Turner

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