Baby Foxes: Interesting Facts and Adorable Photos that Will Make You Fall in Love

Baby foxes are undoubtedly the cutest forest animals and one of the furriest in the world. They are extremely smart and have acute senses of sight, hearing, and smell. Baby foxes are called kits or kittens. A group of baby foxes is called a litter. Foxes are close relatives to dogs, so they belong to the canine family. They are distant cousins of wolves! Yet, they share many traits with cats. Foxes and cats share many traits, including their claws. Like cats, Fox kits can retract their claws when not in use. Another similarity between foxes and cats lies in their eyes. They have elongated pupils that make them look like cat eyes.

Foxes grow up faster than humans. A human takes years to learn basic self-survival skills; foxes learn everything they need to know in about a year. During this time, a fox will change from being a cub entirely dependent on its mother. It can’t even open its eyes to a fully grown predator ready to start breeding. Baby foxes have tiny stomachs. To stay full, they must eat several small meals throughout the day. Baby foxes can eat as much as four times a day! Newborn fox cubs survive entirely on their mother’s milk because they are mammals. A baby needs about 500 mL of milk a day to grow and thrive. A baby fox only consumes milk until around a month of age, when they eat solid food.

A fox’s sense of smell is one of its most significant advantages over other animals. Foxes lack sight, so they rely on hearing and smell to compensate. A fox’s baby has impressive vision, hearing, and a keen sense of smell. As a result, they can handle themselves well in the wild. Baby foxes are also good at hearing that they can hear the squeak of a mouse from 100 meters away. Like cats, their eyes have a slit pupil, which enables them to see very well in the dark. Since foxes are nocturnal animals that spend their waking hours at night, this is crucial to their survival. A strong sense of smell enables them to communicate, find food, and detect threats.

Below are some adorable photos of Baby Foxes that will make you fall in love with their incredible beauty and innocence.

#15 Father and daughter find baby fox in their backyard

#17 Two fox pups rest at a construction site in nevada

#29 Arctic fox cubs at den on the tundra in summer, lapland, sweden

Written by Scarlet Flynn

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