Creative and Funny License Plates that will make you Laugh

Since modern cars are becoming more generic and alike, people are turning to the little things to make them stand out, such as bumper stickers, decals, and even creative license plates! Some people find it humorous to change their license plates to be funny. Several people use their cars as a way to express themselves or to give a few chuckles. It is impressive how creative people can be when they can create a funny sentence or word in a few characters. Some vanity plates will make you shake your head in disgust, but most will make you laugh out loud. funny license plates are good fun, whether they promote a business or career or are clever plays on words. Number plates are often seen as a simple accessory, but they hold a lot of meaning in some states. They can be funny, clever, old, new, fancy, and more. Some believe that personalized number plates protect against identity theft and are less likely to be stolen. A number plate can also be used to express one’s personality.

Some states issue license plates that are specific to certain professions, such as doctors, attorneys, and military personnel. These people have managed to find a way to get vanity plates despite attempts by the DMV and other automobile authorities to keep things civil. One of the reasons you might have trouble finding the perfect license plate is because of this. Here are some funny license plates that will make you laugh.

#7 This car cut me off. I was mad until i looked at their license plate

#14 My friend posted this on facebook this morning. Driver said she was eating cereal and it fell in her lap

#15 Hey officer, i want to report a hit’n run. Ok, what color was the car? Uhm, red, green blue. Ok.. Did you get the license plate? Yeah, it was color blind!

#16 A yellow ferrari with “pikachu” license plate in hong kong

#17 Norway finally got personalized licensed plates. Driving in oslo today found this one for a driving school – complete with student driver

#23 This is roger my ups driver. He stopped by on his day off and we saw his license plate

#30 This persons license plate is the hex code for the exact shade of blue their car is

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