Funny and Stupid Drunk Texts That People Have Ever Sent

Today we should put a warning on smartphones that says, ‘Don’t drink and text.’ We have all been there; after a night of drinking, high on life, the bar closes, and you long to continue the party, leading to a rash of drunken texts and feelings of shame. What can be more pleasant than waking up in the morning and seeing all the drunk text messages you sent last night! While there are probably a few regrettable texts to your ex, there are probably tons of funny drunk texts your friends will forever thank you for (and never forget).

Drinking alcohol lowers inhibitions and softens the reaction to social restrictions. As a result, people tend to feel less uncomfortable and anxious in social situations. They also find themselves more relaxed and able to do things they had previously been hesitant to do. It’s not true for everyone who drinks alcohol because some people react to it in a very different way, but that’s the case for most people.

Below, we have compiled a list of some of the most stupid and hilarious drunk texts. You’ll find typos, interesting emojis, and tons of hilarity in drunk texts, including kittens, dance moves, and even forgetting that the drunk party was in their house. There are those who profess their undying love, and then there are those who simply want to know that there is someone out there who cares and will pick them up since they aren’t sure how to get home. Others’ texts are so difficult to decipher that we don’t understand what they’re saying. Their drunk texts are a great read, no matter the reason.

#3 Officer in the uk sends a text to a man he gave a ride home to when he was drunk. Even the police are classy gentlemen over there

#10 Last night i was so drunk i replied to my own text

#14 Apparently i tried to log in to my online banking when i was drunk

#18 Remind me never to go on carousell when I’m drunk and high ever again

#19 Liquid clearly did something to be last night. Sorry boohoo customer service

#20 How not to drunk text your friends that like cats

#23 Why can’t i just drunk text like normal people?

#26 I was trying to drunk text my gf last night but sent it to my boss instead

#28 Going through my messages after a night of drinking

#29 Most people drunk text their ex or someone they fancy…. Not me…. What the actual fuck was going through my drunken mind

#32 Got so drunk last night i thought i was texting my friend for a ride, but i was just texting myself for the whole time

#36 I was rudely awakened from my sleep by drunk text messages from the undergrad i supervise in my lab… Let’s just say Mario cart saved her ass

Written by Violet Nina

I am a rebellious storyteller, costume designer, and sort of an artist. I love partying, dancing, loud trance music, and prefer fishnet over Leggings.

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