Adorable Photos of Ducks and Ducklings that will Make your Day

Ducks are water birds with relatively short necks and smaller sizes than their close relatives, swans and geese. They belong to the biological family Anatidae along with their longer-necked cousins. The Muscovy duck and mallard breeds are descended from domestic ducks, which have been domesticated as pets and farm animals for over 500 years. Mallards are particularly easy to hybridize with other types of ducks, and mallards often mix with other types of ducks at local ponds. Most duck species are monogamous during their breeding season but do not usually mate for life. Their goal is to find the best, healthiest mate to help them pass on their genes to a new generation of ducklings each year.

There is nothing cuter than a line of fuzzy ducklings waddling after their mother. These waterfowl are more than just picturesque. These little fuzzballs will grow into birds that will hardly resemble their juvenile appearance one day. After only one day in the nest, ducklings follow their mothers into the water. Their ability to feed themselves is almost instantaneous. To ensure their safety, their mother will direct them to food that is safe for them to eat. At about five weeks, ducklings will develop feathers over their own. Their growth is almost complete at this point. Around five months after hatching, they will be able to fly. Ducklings quickly learn to recognize their mother’s call. Most birds develop an auditory system before they develop a visual system. As they develop, they will also learn to recognize visual objects. Ducklings eat insects and other sources of protein most of the time. A duckling’s feathers and other body systems require much protein to support their rapid growth and development.

Here are some adorable photos of cute Ducks and ducklings that will make your day. Vote your favorites, and don’t forget to share.

Written by Hannah Jade

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