Creative and Funny Starter Pack Memes That Perfectly Sum Up Everything

There are some moments in life that a few pictures cannot fully capture. As a result, some people create hilarious memes called starter packs. In the internet world, a starter pack, also known as a starter pack or starter kit, describes or illustrates a stereotypical person, place, culture, object, or opinion. ‘Starter pack’ memes are relatable because they can be about anything. And for the most part, it’s true. A starter pack meme is a collection of photos that perfectly describe people we know or feelings we experience from time to time. It is a series of multipaneled photo sets with a recommended selection of fashion articles, multimedia, and other consumer products that represent the archetype of a person or company. This is very similar to the so-called steal her look fashion guides.

Everyone is susceptible to starter pack memes, from awkward colleagues to angsty teenagers. A starter pack can be created for every mood, job, experience, and decade. Other starter packs are oddly specific, such as the ‘down and out middle-aged Alaskan’ starter pack, which is so straightforward you would have to be one to understand it. Because this joke can be anything, it can easily fall into stereotyping and other negatives. As long as you keep it classy, you should be fine.

Here are some hilarious Starter Pack memes that will make you laugh loud.

#5 Things i thought were huge problems when i was a kid starter pack

#8 The “i’m not getting the vaccine because i don’t know what’s in it” starter pack:

#10 The “i didn’t mean to open that” starter pack

#12 The shoes you wear, when your mom tells you to take out the trash starterpack

#15 Dad checking in on you during a depressive episode starter pack

#17 Survivors in an apocalyptic horror movie starter pack

#21 The “thanks for helping me move” starter pack

#23 Totally original and witty movie dialogue starter pack

#26 Things people like to feel weirdly superior about starter pack

#27 “sure, i can text and drive at the same time” starterpack

#33 The groom’s totally original wedding photo idea’ starter pack

#35 Random chinese girl in hollywood movies starter pack

#37 The ‘you haven’t lived til you’ve backpacked through south-east asia’ starter pack

#38 The “you missed the point by idolizing them” starter pack

#39 The “sophisticated villain in a movie” starter pack

#40 Scientist in a movie explaining how a wormhole works starterpack

#41 “planet earth according to alien invaders” starter pack

#43 The “american teen being late for school” starter pack

#44 The “a new study shows that….” starter pack

#45 “i don’t know anything about this country, but this things are definitely true” starter pack

#46 “one-dimensional masculinity website” starter pack

#47 The “coming home late and feeling like you were in another dimension” starter pack

#48 Things your brain says “you gotta” do starterpack

#49 The “this is so good, what’s your secret?” starter pack

#52 Her only personality trait is ‘being a bada**’

#56 things you would’ve hated as a teen that’d you kill for as an adult” starter pack

#66 Exploiting spirituality to sleep with hot women starter pack

#67 “you have to be at work by 6 am but it’s a winter morning” starter pack

#68 Mom brought the christmas stuff out of the attic starter pack

#74 “sitting in the backseat while your parents are driving back home at night” starter pack

#76 The “every cheap italian restaurant” starter pack

#78 i’ve never been to america but this is probably how it is” starterpack

#80 “why does my stomach hurt during quarantine?”

#86 Girl who disrespects the teacher for no reason starter pack

#87 The first time wearing glasses around your friends starter pack

#88 “i want to speak to your manager” male version starterpack

#91 Putting change back in your wallet at the grocery starter pack

#92 Guy who starts playing his guitar at parties when no one asked him to starterpack

#94 Vegan options at the family barbecue starter pack

#97 High school kid whose family is wealthier than most but hates showing off starter pack

#98 “you either love it or you hate it” starterpack

#100 “guy who’s into history but isn’t weird about it” starter pack

#106 “overhearing people at the zoo who didn’t read the signs showing what the animal is” starter pack

#107 Band girl. Unkempt long ass hair 100% of the time

#109 Sitcom that’s been running for years starterpack.

#120 “dude who never left his hometown” starter pack

#121 Old guy who was once part of a drug cartel starter pack

#122 “things that everyone knows, but the fan base treats it as if it’s unheard of” start pack

#123 Cartoons i watched when i was younger that explain why i’m into gingers starter pack

#124 Non-native english speaker on reddit starterpack

#125 Being next to a homeless guy at a red light starter pack

#126 “40yo dad trying to do a selfie” starter pack

#127 The “actually the decade will end in 2021” starterpack

#130 Took 1 intro-level programming class starterpack

#131 The one video on your obscure tech problem that actually fixes it starter pack

#132 What i a central european (from germany) think living in america is like

#133 “18/19 year old slowly destroying his life starter pack”

#138 The ”i went vegan but it made me ill”-starter pack

#139 “rich chinese kids in north america” starter pack

#142 Former frat guy who got really overweight after getting married starter pack

#147 My child is the best thing that’s happened to me.” Starter pack

#148 How american schools come across to outsiders starter pack

#151 Playing your playlist on shuffle with your friends starterpack

#153 I’ve never been to canada but this is probably how it is starter pack

#161 Why do i have headaches all the time starterpack?

#166 “i don’t know why i’m depressed” starterpack

#167 Avoiding the crackhead at the gas station starter pack

#171 “i don’t do well in school but i talk about quantum physics” starter pack

#172 Travelling to a different country in a movie starterpack

#175 The ‘things we all did as kids’ starter pack

#176 Things that i as a kid thought are an everyday threat” starter pack

#177 The victim of tyranny and oppression starter pack

#178 The “dude that is definitely from korea” starter pack

#179 The best parts of coming home after a long trip starter pack

#181 The “showing your friends a song you really like” starter pack

#186 The “taking a nap during the day” starter pack

#188 “why can’t i find a gamer gf” starter pack

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