Stunning Quokka Selfies with People that will make your day

Quokkas are marsupials the size of cats and have similar features to rats and possums. Their large hind legs help them bound and hop along the ground, and their front paws and claws enable them to climb trees. In addition to their cheeky grins, quokkas are often referred to as the world’s happiest animals.

Quokkas live on Rottnest Island. And this island has become a must-see attraction in recent years. Every year thousands of visitors from around the world visit the island and take selfies with Quokkas. Over 12,000 Quokkas are living in Rottnest, a protected nature reserve. A perfect paradise, the island is also home to stunning sandy beaches, lush greenery, and pure blue waters. Since they are everywhere, finding the local quokkas is easy. They can also be found on The Basin, Stark Bay, Parker Point boardwalk, and even the Bickley Bay dunes. If you’re looking for an epic backdrop for a quokka selfie, travel away from bus stops and roads.

Since these animals are listed as ‘vulnerable’ on the IUCN Red List, handling them is illegal. However, as they are not afraid of humans, taking selfies with them should not be too difficult. Their happy faces almost make it seem like they enjoy the attention! While quokkas are quite friendly to travellers, they are still wild animals. Do not approach the animals with food and stay at a distance. The quokkas are incredibly friendly and will interact with you if you stand still and get down to their level.

Here are some stunning selfies with Quokka that will make your day.

Written by Trey Lennon

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