When Designers Forget About Cleanliness: The Most Frustrating Objects We’ve Ever Seen

Have you ever encountered an object or design that makes you shake your head in frustration? Maybe it’s a piece of furniture with hard-to-reach nooks and crannies or a kitchen gadget with too many parts to clean. Whatever it is, we’ve all encountered something clearly designed by someone who doesn’t have to clean it.

In this article, we’ve compiled a collection of photos showcasing some of the most frustrating designs out there. From household items to public spaces, these objects were clearly not designed with cleaning in mind.

But why do these designs frustrate us so much? Perhaps it’s the sense of wasted time and effort spent trying to clean something that could have been designed more efficiently. Or maybe it’s the feeling of being undervalued – as if the designer didn’t consider our needs or perspectives.

Whatever it is, these designs are a testament to the fact that sometimes, even the most seemingly simple objects can be a source of frustration and annoyance.

So come with us on a journey through some of the most annoying designs out there. From the impractical to the downright nonsensical, these photos will leave you both amused and frustrated simultaneously.

And who knows? Maybe the next time you encounter a frustrating design, you’ll be inspired to take matters into your own hands and create something more practical and efficient.

So get ready to be amused and infuriated by these designs that make us mad. These photos will make you appreciate the little things in life that make our daily routines a little bit easier.

#1 Finally found something that’s gross enough for here.

#2 The negative aspect of my new place is the built-in cutting board. Who thought of this design?

#3 The flexible cone for my foster puppy has a textured fabric on the inside that cannot be wiped down. It becomes foul after only two days, and the puppy must wear it for two to four weeks. The designer of this product seems to lack experience with dogs.

#4 This backsplash is a nightmare. Imagine trying to clean whipped sweet potatoes off of it.

#5 The cabinet handles at my dad’s rental house, where we had our Christmas gathering, are frustrating.

#9 The handle of the Ninja blender is not designed for cleanliness.

#10 This item, which was seen in my Death Stairs group, is also frustrating and belongs here.

#13 This hospital finger cot is frustrating due to its design.

#15 I wonder if there are any books on hygiene available.

#17 The magazines and shells in a bowl do not add sophistication to this bedside table.

#18 The presence of hard water makes this item frustrating to clean.

#19 The bathroom handle at the bar in Newfoundland is made of rope.

#20 This chandelier, made of sea shells, is frustrating to clean.

#21 Every Rainforest Cafe is frustrating due to cleanliness concerns.

#22 This location seems like an animal shelter, specifically for spiders.

#23 For the low price of $120, you can have a ridiculous faucet with numerous nooks and crannies for hard water and dried toothpaste to accumulate.

#24 These oven knobs are frustrating due to the crevices and gaps that make them difficult to clean.

#26 The phone charging point at McDonald’s is not clean.

#27 I would likely cause a chain reaction of breaking bottles if I accidentally knocked something over due to the difficulty of cleaning the area.

#28 This carpeted laptop by Microsoft is not designed for easy cleaning.

#29 The item found on my local Facebook marketplace, which originally cost $800 or more, is not clean.

#30 This 3-inch channel near the edge of my parents’ dining room table has been frustrating for at least 35 years due to the accumulation of crumbs.

#31 The sink at the Airbnb we stayed at earlier this year was not clean.

#32 The card holder in this Ford Focus is frustrating.

#33 Although this coffee table looks cool, it is not practical for daily use due to the channels that can accumulate debris.

#34 This is my boyfriend’s shower, and it is only clean because I live with him.

#36 Items sold by people who do not want to clean them are frustrating.

#37 This glitter-encrusted soap dispenser is not designed for easy cleaning.

#38 The reason for this item’s existence is unclear.

#39 The windows in this location are frustrating to clean.

#41 It would have been better if the straw was a normal one.

#42 Can you guess how many spiders could potentially live in this item? Spotted at Magnolia.

#43 My regular silicone Apple Watch band gets dirty, so I can only imagine the grime that would get stuck in these grooves.

#44 This item on Instagram elicited an instant eyeroll.

#45 The velcro on these big soft building blocks at the public playroom is frustrating to clean.

#46 This groove in the airplane bathroom paper towel dispenser is frustrating.

#47 Finally, I have something to post! Spotted at a local spot.

#48 These items were found in the clearance section of the shoe store, and it is unclear why they were not sold.

#49 The rope wall at this sushi place is not designed for easy cleaning.

#50 This silicone hot-pad with little squares is difficult to clean despite numerous attempts.

#53 The hand dryer in this public toilet at the pub is causing rust and yuckiness due to being directly above the radiator.

#54 The seats of the stands in the nearby ice arena are not clean.

#56 This item is gorgeous but would be challenging to clean.

#57 Internal screaming is necessary when faced with this item at my job.

#58 The hollow handle on this Thanksgiving gravy boat is frustratingly difficult to clean.

#59 The corners of this bathroom sink at the doctor’s office are gross.

#60 I refuse to use the hand dryers with these vents due to hygiene concerns.

#61 The sink at this doctor’s office has dirty corners.

#62 This bannister belongs in this group, as does the item in the “You Should Have Hired an Architect” group that I previously posted.

#63 I did not want to look at all the gunk caked under the edges of the sink in the tavern on Pike in Seattle.

#64 The soap slime from this bathroom sink can be sensed from a distance.

#65 The bathroom sinks at Ford’s Garage in Dearborn, Michigan, are not clean.

#66 These white, furry fabric dining chairs are not designed for easy cleaning.

#67 After a few years of playing Dungeons and Dragons with Cheeto fingers, this item is frustrating to clean.

#68 This weird amorphous mass in the corner is wool or felt and would be challenging to clean.

#69 The coffee shop in Bedford, England, uses real books as wallpaper, but they are visibly dirty.

#70 The “Grand Stair” at the Ovolo Nishi Hotel in Canberra, Australia, is not clean.

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