Submechanophobia: The Fear of Submerged Objects and Disturbing Aquatic Images that Will Make You Swim for Shore!

Have you ever looked at an image of a shipwreck or a sunken airplane and felt an overwhelming sense of unease? If so, you might be experiencing a lesser-known but surprisingly common fear called submechanophobia. It is the fear of man-made objects submerged underwater. It can include anything from sunken ships to underwater statues, and even abandoned theme parks swallowed by water.

What is it about submerged objects that make some people’s skin crawl? Part of it is the unknown. These objects, once familiar and part of our everyday world, take on a completely different persona underwater. They’re taken over by algae, barnacles, and sometimes, become home to creatures of the deep.

Another aspect is the sheer scale. Underwater, things can appear bigger and somehow more menacing. Imagine seeing a colossal shipwreck looming out of the darkness. It’s like something out of a horror movie, right?

Now, brace yourselves. The photos you’re about to see are the epitome of what terrifies people with submechanophobia. These images capture the chilling beauty and eerie silence of the deep, complete with haunting submerged objects that were once part of the human world.

Remember, these photos aren’t just about the fear factor; they also depict a mysterious underwater world that most of us never get to see. They can be oddly beautiful in their own way, like time capsules preserving a moment in history. Before you dive into these photos, know that they are not for the faint of heart. For some, they can be captivating, while for others, particularly those with submechanophobia, they might be seriously scary.

 But whether you find them horrifying or fascinating, they are a reminder of the vast, mysterious world that lies just beneath the surface of the water. So, take a deep breath and get ready to plunge into the haunting depths of submechanophobia and the scariest pics that might just make you want to swim away as fast as you can!

#2 Serpent D’océan in Saint-Brevin-Les-Pins, France

#4 Ancient relics rediscovered after 2300 years underwater off the coast of Thonis-Heraclion in Egypt

#7 French Street in Lumberton, TX during Hurricane Harvey on 9/3/2017

#8 The Awakening’ statue at Maryland National Harbor

#9 Retired NYC subway car turned artificial reef off the coast

#12 Dragon sculpture in the Lake of Neuchâtel, Switzerland

#14 Baltimore Harbor Tunnel, already driving underwater

#17 More unsettling photos of the last house of Holland Island

#18 Jet Star rollercoaster blown into the ocean during Hurricane Sandy in New Jersey

#21 Swimming off the side of a container ship, a big nope

#22 Unexpected encounter with a tourist submarine while diving off O’ahu, Hawaii

#23 131 ft deep swimming pool in Padua, Italy, with a creepy “landing pad” at the bottom

#24 Nautilus artificial reef commissioned by Riot Games in Brisbane, Australia

#27 Sunken ship “World Discoverer” before and after sinking

#28 Offshore oil rig drifted to the coast of the Isle of Lewis due to extreme weather

#30 Swimming pool aboard a decommissioned Soviet Typhoon-class submarine

#32 Bronze statue of the Christ of the Abyss in San Fruttuoso, Italy

#33 Nuclear power-related picture from Forbes article

#35 Submerged Romanian village of Geamana, flooded in 1978

#36 Swimming out to the buoys seems like an adventure

#40 Naval mines always give a deep gut feeling of unease

#42 Sinking the Spiegel Grove, with tiny boats for scale

#43 Dewatering and inspecting the aft ballast tank on a ship

#44 Carved head of a sea monster salvaged from the sunken warship Gribshunden

#46 Underwater statue of Jason Voorhees in Crosby, Minnesota

#49 Huge diving tank in Duisburg, Germany, containing debris like a plane wreck

#51 Sunken WWII cargo ship SS Probitas in the Bay of Sarandë, Albania

#55 More photos of the recently discovered Egyptian wreck

#56 Monstro Tunnel at Disneyland’s Storybook Canal Boats

#58 Wreck of the Britannic, a haunting sight underwater

#60 The last standing structure of Holland Island in the Chesapeake Bay

#61 Sunken and abandoned “Dome House” in Cape Romano, Florida

#62 Overcoming the fear of wave chambers in pools as a lifeguard

#63 Pool at the Naval Surface Warfare Center in Maryland

#64 Intricately designed stone slab resting just below water level

#65 Inspecting the underside of a major port terminal

#66 Abandoned ships submerged at Shooters Island, Staten Island, New York

#67 Abandoned B-29 Superfortress “Lady of the Lake” in Alaska

#68 Early diving suits at the History of Diving Museum in Islamorada, FL

#69 Stairs leading down to flooded machinery deep inside a mine

#71 Behind the scenes of Disney’s 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

#72 Diving under a 100-year-old bridge with old pillars forming a mechanical forest

#73 Drug smuggling submarine found in the Ecuadorian jungle

#75 German submarine U-118 washed ashore on the beach at Hastings in 1919

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