Moving Horror Stories: People Share their Most Terrifying Discoveries After Moving into a New Home

Moving into a new home can be an exciting and stressful time. You’ve finally found the perfect place to call your own, and you can’t wait to start making memories there. But what happens when you discover something so freaky that it sends chills down your spine? These people know exactly how it feels. They were so freaked out by something they discovered after moving into their new homes that they couldn’t believe their eyes. From strange objects to hidden rooms, these stories will indeed send shivers down your spine. But what makes these discoveries so unsettling? Is it the feeling of the unknown or the fear that something might lurk in the shadows? Whatever it was, these people couldn’t shake the feeling that something was amiss in their new homes. So come with us on a journey through some of the most chilling discoveries people have made after moving into a new home. You’ll be amazed by the eerie stories, the strange coincidences, and the downright creepy experiences that these people have had. And if you’re moving into a new home soon, be sure to keep your eyes peeled for anything out of the ordinary. You never know what you might find lurking in the shadows… So buckle up and get ready for a wild ride as we delve into the mysterious world of moving into a new home. These stories will keep you on the edge of your seat and make you wonder if there’s more to your new home than meets the eye.

#1 John wayne gacy did construction for my grandparents and we found his business card while going through some stuff today

#2 The previous owner of my new home left a few things in the attic. This card slipped out when i moved the bag

#3 Our new to us house has a secret panic room that wasn’t included in the listing. Built in 1978 and i love this place

#4 I was helping my dad move into his new office, when we found a trapdoor

#5 Went into the attic of a house we were looking at and

#6 Looking for somewhere to stay on airbnb. Found the house of nope

#7 Doing electrical work in this house that was built in the 1800s and there’s a prison cell under the basement stairs

#9 My brother is a home inspector, this one is definitely going in his report

#10 Pulled up the carpets in newly purchased house to find this

#11 Stayed over at my great-grandma’s thursday. This thing kept me awake all night

#12 Found this in my girlfriend’s loft. She only moved in 3 months ago and says she has never been up there. Guess what my name is

#13 Staying in an airbnb. Woke up this morning to find the cover to access the attic completely moved

#14 A friend who is a realtor turned on the light switch for clients when viewing a house and almost ran out of the house

#18 More fun things found in my new house. This is on the wallpaper in the closet in the bathroom

#20 Moved into a house and found these symbols under panelling

#21 Just bought a new house cleaning out a dresser in the basement and came across these

#22 I moved into a new house, only to be told the previous tenants were hardcore drug dealers. This is the basement

#23 We recently started renting a new house, not sure what to make of this

#24 This old coin purse full of teeth i just found in my basement

#25 My friend was traveling and slept at a stranger’s house, who had this standing in a room

#26 Went on vacation and found this in the yard of the place we rented

#27 I found a gravestone under my recently purchased home

#28 These are photos we found when moving into our new student housing today

#29 I checked into my airbnb apartment in seattle today and saw this when i opened the fridge

#31 Moved into our new house a few months back, a mysterious card appears, i will not be opening any mail named for this person ever again

#32 The house my grandparents bought has a hidden basement that they weren’t told about. It’s full of boxes

#33 Makeshift “shrine” we found in our new houses attic

#36 Newly purchased home. Clearly a grave in my backyard, right?

#37 Moving into a new house, i left the door open when i went across town to get more stuff. I find this on my camera days later

#38 Bought my house 6 months ago and found this hidden safe when removing an old stove that was left here

#40 Found this on our front porch after the second night in our new house. Yes, that is a human tooth

#41 The only picture on the wall of the bedroom in the airbnb we just stayed at

#42 My mom found this while raking leaves in the yard of our new house. Does anyone know what this is? We named him geneva. Help

#43 Not an electrician, but i just bought my first house and discovered this in the attic. Seems legit

#44 Family bought a house to flip a few years ago. There was a 7-foot-tall headless santa in the basement along with cat skeletons

#45 Just moved into my first house, found this on the front porch… Is this a message?

#46 Found this old ouija board in the attic of my more than 100-year-old house

#48 Painting in the basement of my friend’s new house

#49 Basement wall of a home for sale in my neighborhood. Only 2 families have occupied this residence since 1817

#51 My parents moved into a new house, this was left on the lid of this toilet by the previous owners

#52 Moved into a new house and found this at the end of the attic wall

#53 Pig screwing trophy? Found in the house i am buying

#55 My new house has a little moving staircase that leads to the washer/dryer

#56 A horrifyingly big wasps nest i found in our new house’s attic

#58 We rented a cabin out in the woods, this was the centerpiece on the coffee table

#59 Really should have checked out the place before renting

#60 Whatever this is, my aunt found it in the house my cousin just bought

#63 Living in our new house for a month, just found this sleeping bag next to a bucket in the basement. Husband says, oh yeah, there’s some old camos and a urinal too

#64 This assortment of spent ammunition i found digging up the flower beds at my new house. Or: tell me you live in america without saying you live in america

#65 Body-sized shallow hole/grave behind my new house

#66 I don’t understand this new place we moved into. We keep the sink empty, take out the trash when it gets full, and vacuum daily. However, we still have so many fruit flies

#67 I found this picture in the attic of the house i bought, can anyone tell me what’s going on in it?

#68 Recently bought a house and found a drawer full of locks that had been cut. So someone has broken in multiple times while the house was vacant

#69 These ceramic monkeys were left in the house i recently moved into. What do i do with these

#70 Crashing at a friend’s after a night out. They told me i could stay in the guest room. This caught me off guard

#72 Newly married couple with newborn buy house out in the countryside. Find this in a tree day before halloween

#73 Father was building a porch at his new house and found an old headstone under the house

#74 Recently bought a house. This is the door leading up the stairs from the basement

#75 Found like 250 rounds of rifle bullets, pistol ammunition and shotgun shells in the house i recently bought

#76 Creepy drawing in the attic and scratch marks in the basement of a house my wife and i looked at

#77 I saw this while staying at an airbnb in san francisco

#78 Staying at my grandma’s for the week… This doll is staring directly at my bed

#81 My friend moved into a new house… This was left by the previous owners

#82 I’m renting a cabin for a weekend away. This is hanging in the bedroom

#84 Realtor friend recently showed a house built in 1837, this was in the attic

#86 My partner and i found this santa tomb in the backyard of the house we are buying

#87 Found a weird room in the attic of my new house. It was not listed on any of the realtor postings, fully carpeted, has power, and is connected to the house’s a/c unit

#88 Moved into a new house, unpacking, and took a picture. Who the hell is sitting on my couch?

#89 This picture hangs over a urinal in a vacation home i just stayed at

#90 We bought a house and moved in 3 months ago. Endless issues with the kitchen, including leaks, mold, and cabinet issues. I kept calling it the kitchen from hell

#91 Just bought my first house, found this in a drawer of the old man’s workshop

#92 Stayed at my uncle’s house on a recent road trip. This was staring at me from the closet all night

#93 This is in the backyard of the house my parents are buying

#94 We moved to a new house, just found a dog grave during the snowmelt

#95 I moved into a new house over the weekend. Found this in the garage

#96 Moved to a new house and found this under the sink

#97 This figurine in the bathroom of the rental house i’m staying at. Why is he sniffing his finger?

#98 Just bought a new home 3 months ago and i found this in my backyard after cutting down a large tree in the corner. Rip thump

#99 So we found this safe at our new home. Any ideas on how to open it?

#100 Recently moved into a new apartment, found this by my door

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