Scary Easter Bunny Photos That Absolutely Terrified the Children

There is no real bunny behind the Easter Bunny. He was initially an Easter Hare. German Lutherans started the tradition, and he was first cited in 1682 as an egg-bringer. After the Germans brought over the Easter Bunny, there was a misunderstanding over translation in 19th century Sweden. The Easter Wizard became a symbol of Easter in Sweden, and children still dress as witches and wizards at Easter, leaving letters or money for their neighbors.

While Easter Bunnies are meant to be adorable to children, some get a bit nervous when they get close. Children can find it hard to deal with the buck teeth when placed on the bunny’s lap. The Easter Bunny is not allowed to talk, unlike Santa Claus. Many children, especially the very young ones, will be terrified by this scary deaf creature.

Below are some of the creepiest photos of Easter Bunny with kids. Some costumes tried to take a realistic approach and failed, while others put too much exuberance in the facial expression.

#7 And that’s why, children, you can’t trust anybody who is offering you candy

#16 This bunny is totally laughing evil laugh on the inside

#17 I wasn’t too thrilled about this back in 1948 either

#20 The bunny grinch that stole easter somewhere around 1971

#31 My friend used to be the easter bunny at the mall

#42 Thank you ma’am for this kid,finally i will have a nice dinner tonight!

#43 Noo, won’t take it, this lollipop is probably poisoned

#45 I’m sorry, but nobody will hear your scream, kid

#47 This rabbit doesn’t eat carrots. he eats children!

#50 Little bro to sis: ain’t no way i’m sitting here

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