Funny And Embarrassing Airport Pickup Signs that will make you Laugh

It can be challenging to travel by plane. Despite being the fastest mode of transportation in the world, the process itself is pretty lengthy. The day might start early for you. As soon as you wake up, make your way to the airport. Then comes the whole rigmarole of going through security. It may even be required that you remove your shoes. On the plane, you’ll be crammed into a tight seat and hope you can catch some sleep to pass the time. You probably have a conversation with the person beside you while the person behind you is kicking your seat. However, you know that when you arrive home, your family will be waiting to welcome you. Once you get off the plane, you probably won’t think about anything other than reuniting with your family.

However, some families and friends are just plain trolls and can’t resist the chance to embarrass their loved ones with funny and embarrassing pickup signs. The reality is different than what you have imagined and seen in movies and TV shows, where their loved ones missed family stands with a big sign welcoming them back – as their fatigue disappears as they rush toward the sign holders, beaming.

These airport pickup signs were noticed by everyone around the arrivals hall and are undoubtedly hilarious. We’ve got all kinds of sign designs to inspire you to interact with those you love differently, or you can reward someone who helmeted you in front of strangers by wearing one of their costumes and everything.

#1 May the 4th be with you. Darth Vader arriving at dia

#2 My friend just got home from a trip. This was her family greeting her at the airport

#3 Cole tesar, a soldier from bellevue, got hom. his baby girl-he has never met-was waiting for him with this sign

#4 Embarrassed the wife at the airport in front of several coworkers and her boss. She loved it

#5 My friend’s daughter just flew by herself for the first time. this was how he greeted her at the airport

#6 When your mate says he’ll pick you up from the airport on christmas eve

#7 Kid made a sign for grandma and grandpa’s arrival. it’s getting a lot of smiles at the airport while we wait

#8 How i greet my straight friends at the airport (i never got a straight answer)

#9 This family at the seattle-tacoma international airport

#11 This is how my friend’s dad greeted her at the airport yesterday. best dad ever

#12 I’m picking up my friend, ‘chocolate johnny,’ who literally has a chocolate factory in australia

#13 My air force brother-in-law is coming home for the birth of his son/ my nephew. I’m picking him up from the airport

#15 The challenges of picking up a metalband from the airport

#17 My neighbor asked me to pick her up from the airport; i hope she likes the sign I made

#18 This is how my mom greeted me at the airport, after having not seen her for a few years. She made me walk through the entire airport under her left arm

#21 Iast week my roommates picked me up at the airport. like this

#22 These kids i saw at the airport welcoming their mother back home

#23 This dad who picks up his straight son from airport

#24 How i welcomed my brother home at the airport after a year at university

#26 This is how my dad picks me up from the airport. needless to say people were disappointed when i showed up

#30 When your boyfriend hasn’t met your bestie yet and you send him to the airport to pick her up

#33 Waiting for my girlfriend at the airport and see this guy

#34 The good daughter always makes her parents feel special when doing an airport pickup

#36 My german friend’s brother stood in their airport like this for 2 hours

#37 This is how i pick my friends up from the airport

#38 What a way to be met at the airport, i’ll need to frame the welcome sign

#39 I can’t say how happy i was to see this one waiting at the airport

#40 Sustainment soldiers return after nine-month afghanistan deployment

#41 I like to embarrass my friends when i pick them up at the airport. i’m on the left

#42 Warning: our grandma is here and we will run over you to hug her

#43 I believe all teammates should have a nice “welcome home” sign when they arrive at the airport

#44 Picked my brother and sister in law up at the airport today

#45 This is what happens when i pick up people from the airport

#47 I think he is trying to pick someone up at the airport

#49 Ever been met at the airport with a sign bearing dinosaur? why not?

#52 When i said make me a sign this is what she came up with

#53 Two of my best friends came into town today, this is how my boyfriend greeted them at the airport

#55 I promised my friends that i would welcome them to seattle with an embarrassing sign at the airport, and here i am at 1:16 am

#56 bart simpson requested a taxi pickup at the phuket international airport

#61 My cousin picked me up from the airport today and welcomed me with this sign

#63 When chris and i went to pick up my parents last thursday from the airport we both wanted to do something really embarrassing

#68 My buddy (whom i met playing wow) came to pick me up at the airport in israel

#71 When you request a welcome sign at the airport and this is what greets you

#74 Who shall be more embarrassed, the individual holding the sign or walking to it?

#75 Meanwhile at vienna airport: a taxi driver is waiting for

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