Funniest Test Answers by Creative Kids that will Crack you Up

People often mention the non-standard solutions they have come up with in critical situations. Still, some think unconventionally from the beginning of their lives, as they say, in their blood. We are referring to children.

We, adults, drive children into the narrow framework and corridors of the reality we have created when they are born with non-standard thinking. Therefore, we tend to view whatever original decision we make in adulthood as a manifestation of genius. While accustomed to stereotypes and standardization, even children are capable of unleashing their natural creativity in times of crisis. We are talking about tests and exams, and if a child hasn’t studied school material yet, then their creative solutions are impressive. Here below are some hilarious answers given by genius kids. These kids came up with the funniest test answers. Some teachers may not have appreciated the creativity, but I’m sure they all laughed.

 Children are usually creative because they don’t care if their ideas are stupid or nonsensical. It’s just that they start and keep going. In contrast, adults tend to be more focused on a particular task at hand, while children continually absorb new ideas and understanding from their surroundings. In the past, many parents believed that intelligence and many other abilities were fixed traits. A child was born smart or not, and little could be done to change that. Research has shown that encouraging parents to adopt a growth mindset can improve their children’s educational outcomes. It was unclear at what point such a mindset might impact a child’s life, but several studies suggest that it may begin very young. It is equally essential to develop ambition, courage, and conscientiousness for success when developing intelligence. The importance of teaching children how to learn cannot be overstated.

#30 We asked our biology teacher for the funniest answer someone has put on a test, we were not disappointed

#33 I swear to use my speedometer before asking dumb questions!

#41 My friend’s daughter taking the instructions literally

#58 My 8-year-old son takes his homework directions literally

#66 My son, the consummate smart-ass. I think third grade math is boring him

#86 My six year old got the answer wrong, but i think she’s right

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