Adorable Dogs with Eyebrows that will Make You Fall in Love with them

Unlike humans, dogs do not have eyebrow hair; however, the bone structure of their face and facial muscles show an eyebrow ridge. Several breeds of dogs have fur that is different colors above their eyes, including Rottweilers, German Shepherds, and Dobermans; Pugs and Boxers also have prominent brow ridges. University of Portsmouth researchers found that as dogs became domesticated, they developed a facial muscle that allows them to raise their inner eyebrows, unlike wolves. This gives them the characteristic puppy dog or sad eye look. As their eyebrows move, their eyes become larger and mimic the sad look humans give. This makes them more lovable towards their humans. The facial muscles of dogs can also be used to show questioning, curiosity, or skepticism.

Some dog breeds do have eyebrows. Rottweilers have eyebrows, which allow them to communicate, and the ability to look intimidating. The Rottweiler uses its eyebrows to herd cattle, frighten its enemies, and communicate with people. Facial expressions are essential for dogs to communicate with people, but they can also be used for communication between dogs. Eyebrows give the impression that a dog is friendly or wants the other dog to back off by highlighting eye contact, loose facial expressions, and other hand signals.

Here are some adorable dogs with visible eyebrows, and they look stunning and funny. Some of them seem angry. Others seem curious. Some look surprised, while others look downright smug.

#2 One night while drinking we put eyebrows on our dogs. They seemed okay with it

#4 Someone said i drew my eyebrows too high..i was surprised!

#6 I found an old halloween mustache so i gave my dog eyebrows

#9 My friends dog was staring at me with so much hatred

#12 Sticking eyebrows onto my dog was a good decision

#16 My friend has convinced me that drawing eyebrows on your dog makes everything funny

#18 I keep forgetting that my dog has eyebrows & then he looks at me like

#22 That’s his entire costume – two fake eyebrows

#31 My neighbor’s dog stops by sometimes. We drew eyebrows on him this time

#33 Dog plus eyebrows equals hours of entertainment… I have no life

#35 Put eyebrows on your dog they said… It will be funny they said

#39 Gave my roommates dog, louie, some eyebrows for christmas

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