Dad Photoshops his kids into Dangerous Situations and They are Amazing

Denny Deuss and his two kids love going on unusual adventures. And these adventures eventually turn into rescue missions. When a seagull flies away with his youngest child, a simple trip to the beach becomes a rescue mission. As Deuss does aerial tricks with his bike and a baby in tow, he makes biking around town a little edgier. Do not be concerned, even though this sounds risky. It’s all a result of some clever Photoshop and a part of Deuss’ ongoing series, On Adventure With Dad.

Deuss began got the idea of this photoshop manipulation when his girlfriend was out for work, and she asks for the photo of the kids. That was the time when he decided to do some fun with the pictures.

Written by Leandro Turner

Webmaster, blogger and amateur chef. I love to find and explore unique and amazing things on the internet and share them with you guys :)

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