Adorable Crossbreed Dogs that Will Make you Fall in Love with Them

Crossbreeding is a controversial practice in the dog world. Purebred dog breeders tend to consider these dogs little more than mutts. In contrast, crossbred dog advocates believe they are adding strength to breeds that have been bred too closely for generations. Crossbreeding has advantages and disadvantages, and potential dog owners and breeders need to be aware of them.

When two different breeds of dogs are bred together, for instance, a Standard Poodle and a Labrador Retriever (Labradoodle), you are crossbreeding. Dogs are one species, so you can breed any combination of breeds together or mixed breed dogs with purebred dogs. Dogs come in so many shapes, sizes, colors, and personalities that it’s sometimes hard to imagine that they’re all the same animal. Some people prefer dogs that don’t look like the dogs they’re accustomed to, and crossbreeding can lead to such dogs. Genetically combining two different breeds is like tossing a coin. Each puppy in a litter will look different from its littermates.

Many purebred dogs suffer from genetic conditions passed down from generation to generation. Keeping crossbreeding to a minimum can lower the risks of passing on a condition if only one parent is a carrier. Many of today’s purebred dogs were created by crossing different breeds, and they have been refined through selective breeding to have the characteristics they have today. There are so many dog breeds to choose from that it’s easy to create various designer dogs. Choosing a breeding partner for your purebred dog isn’t that difficult, as long as the two dogs are compatible. In crossbred dogs, pre-existing genetic diseases are less likely to be passed on. As a result, mixed puppies are likely to be more robust and vigorous.

Many breeders argue that crossbreeding produces healthier, more substantial dogs, but no scientific evidence supports this claim. Crossbred dogs are much more difficult to predict than purebred dogs when it comes to their size. If two breeds of different sizes are combined, it is impossible to say how big or small the puppies will be. Combining two separate dogs could therefore create significant genetic entanglement issues; this could work out brilliantly, but it could also go horribly wrong. It may be necessary to conduct an emergency C-section if the puppies are too big for a dog to give birth, leading to other difficult-to-diagnose complications.

Here is a list of some adorable mixed dog breeds that will make you fall in love with them.

#1 Aussiepom (mini australian shepherd + pomeranian crossbreed)

#3 Utonagan (alaskan malamute + siberian husky + german shepherd crossbreed)

#9 My dog toby (pem corgi + shetland sheepdog crossbreed)

#13 This is django, my beautiful dog when he was 2 months. He’s mix labrador, doberman and boxer breeds

#17 This is my guide dog recchi (labrador + bernese mountain dog)

#21 Vihar is most likely german shepherd + rough collie + sth. Rescued from the streets of sofia.

#27 Dave – mix of golden retriver, german shepard and collie

#28 This is my dog, boo bear. A great pyrenees and malamute mix

#29 Our rescued kaia – a husky and maybe a beagle. Plus something else…:-)

#32 This is what you get when you cross a dachshund and a golden retriever

#33 My boyfriend’s new cutie yorkie-poo (yorkshire terrier + poodle) puppy

#34 This is my dog, stanley. He’s a pug and french bulldog mix

#36 My beautiful 3 months old puppy, mix of labrador, doberman and boxer

#43 Jackson – my pug crossed with a cavalier king charles spaniel – he was only a pup!

#47 My bud of 5 years now. Chocolate lab and pit pull mix

#50 Bruce. Our boxer and boston terrier mix puppy. 🙂

#53 Beaglier (beagle + cavalier king charles spaniel)

#56 What happens when you mix a golden retriever with a bernese mountain dog/golden retriever mix

#58 Rogue- our pomeranian/corgi mix. 12 weeks old 🙂

#59 Cavalier rottweiler (rotweiller + cavalier king charles spaniel)

#62 Bullseye-aka pigpig, english bulldog/great dane mix (please dont ask which parent was which…)

#65 Meet our tinkerbell. She is a border collie/lab mix.

#66 Bavarian husky (bavarian mountain hound + siberian husky)

#67 Gerberian shepsky sisters (siberian husky + german shepard)

#72 Webster – a pit bull chocolate lab mix – 13 years young – the best!

#75 Winter – my rescued saluki shepherd mix friend.

#76 #160 mela- cocen spanriver (cocker spaniel x golden retriver)

#79 Beau beau the catahoula cur/queensland heeler mix

#80 This is my dog hugo he is a cavachon, half king charles spaniel half bichon frise

#84 Our cute mixed-breed dog (probably dachshund + labrador)

#87 Noa, the cockador (or spanador) – labrador and eng. Cocker spaniel mix @ 7w & 3m old (rescued!)

#88 Cavachon (cavalier king charles spaniel + bichon frise)

#92 Introducing brock the 15 yr old greyhound / border collie / lurcher crossbreed

#95 Red nose pitbull/boxer mix and something else 🙂

#96 Bernese mountain dog x malinois (belgian shepard)

#98 Viara, sister of sophie – rat terrier, german shepherd, pharaon dog, puli

#100 Apollo the golden rottie (golden retriever & rottweiler)

#102 English wolfhound (irish wolfhound+english sheepdog)

#106 Tibetian masstiff & shar-pei named tódor from hungary

#108 Jellybean the crested schnoodle (schnauzer + poodle + chinese crested)

#109 Miniature pinscher / chihuahua – a pinhuahua named aldo

#110 This is mayzee, our chiweenie (chihuahua/dachshund).

#115 Rea on the day we adopted her! Not even sure what mix of breeds she is…

#116 Bobino, my gf’s lovely household dog (german shepherd + labrador)

#117 Sophie – rat terrier, german shepherd, pharaon dog, puli

#121 Labrodesian (lab = rhodesian ridgeback) best dog ever!

#127 My neighbor’s dog hummus is a pug and shar-pei mix

#128 Tubbi, is a bullpei (english bulldog/ chinese shar pei)

#129 Chewie the pekapoo (pekingnese/poodle) … Or polar bear?

#130 Princess roscoe = irish wolfhound + labrador retriever

#136 Dogo tricolore (english setter and dogo argentino)

#137 Jack russel + scottish terrier (5 months old here)

#138 Motley is a pomchi (pomeranian and chihuahua mix) he looks like a fox plus a teddy bear!

#139 Luke; the husky/terrier mix (so i’m told haha)

#141 We don’t know what she is, but she’s gemma, with her brother steve, a doberdane.

#143 Matilda – toychi (toy terrier and chichuachua)

#144 Our eve when she was a puppy australian retriever (golden retriever/aussie)

#154 Kuma~ my husky jindo! (find me on fb and instagram)!!

#157 Is name is pirata (portuguese serra da estrela + husky)

#158 This is dallaz! My lovely chorkie! (chihuahua/yorkshireterrier)

#159 Max (mommy: golden retriever and boxer mix; daddy: leonberger)

#162 Mylo, the mauzer (miniature schnauzer + maltese)

#166 Austrailian shepherd, chihuahua and border collie mix.

#167 This is the ever adorable schuto the schnocker (miniature schnauzer / cocker spaniel)

#168 Double doodle – labradoodle goldendoodle mix (labrador, poodle and golden retriever)

#174 Rip (2013), my loved rita yopoo (yorkshire + poodle)

#177 This is my gorgeous 2 year old shar-pei x staffy, louie.

#179 Our precious, departed sheprador (gsd/lab): kodi. Best muttsie there ever was.

#183 My shi tzu/pomeranian mix (shiranian) when she was a puppy

#184 Another cheagle (chihuahua x beagle) might have same rat terrier in him too

#185 Bessy – labrabull (pitbull + labrador) ………….. Benji (poodle + wheaten terrier)

#186 Left: jack russel – schnauzer; right: australian shepherd – german shorthair

#189 Maggie 🙂 my 4 years old jackbull girl (jack russel terrier&english bull terrier mix)

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