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The Crazy and Wild Houses on Earth and the Objects That Make Them Unique

Are you tired of cookie-cutter houses that all look the same? Then you’re in for a treat! In this article, we’re showcasing some of the wildest, most epic, and just downright bizarre houses from around the world. And not only that, but we’re also taking a peek inside to see the unique objects and decor that make these homes genuinely one-of-a-kind.

From a house that looks like it’s straight out of a fairy tale to a futuristic dwelling that seems more like a spaceship than a home, these houses will surely capture your imagination. But beyond just their exterior design, each of these homes has its unique story. Some are designed to be eco-friendly, while others are built for off-the-grid living. And the objects inside each home reflect the personality and interests of those living there.

You’ll see everything from a bathtub made from a vintage car to a living room that doubles as an indoor beach. And don’t forget about the collection of taxidermied animals or the room filled with antique telephones. These homes truly have it all.

So come on a journey through some of the world’s wildest, most epic, and most bizarre houses. Get inspired by these homeowners’ creativity and individuality, and unique abodes. Who knows, maybe you’ll find inspiration for your home decor!

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#2 Enjoy this cabin in the woods of California, with a separate bath house, tiled to perfection.

#5 This is only cool if the stairs act like giant piano keys and play a song.

#6 This is the world’s skinniest house, only 3-5 feet across.

#9 There are an excessive amount of cabinets in the bathroom.

#10 This full house has wacky Escher stairs it’s quite something.

#11 This is a good compromise on decor for both parties.

#12 The stairs are a death trap because they make me dizzy.

#22 The main house is a little wacky, but mostly okay – it’s the guest house that went wild.

#24 I found this shower today and it’s quite something.

#27 This house is not what I expected from the outside.

#28 The yard is bizarre, including a ski lift, a mini town, a pool surrounded by Roman columns, and one hell of a sundial.

#31 This is some grandma glam for your Sunday evening.

#36 This house has bears, fairies, dinosaurs, bridges, and a super mirrored laser pointer bathroom.

#39 There is a lot of stuff in here, especially in the bathrooms.

#42 Nestled in the mountains of Virginia, this house is confusing me with its open floor plan, fireworks sign, and bathrooms that pop up out of nowhere.

#45 I am baffled by this house – the wavy wood has me super confused. Also, there’s a death trap tub.

#48 My favorite part is the elaborate spiral staircase to the lounge area above the glass block palace.

#49 The custom epoxy floor is so pretty, but you can’t even walk on it.

#51 The neon outside, zig zag driveway, and dull inside make this house hilarious.

#54 The inside is cute, but the outside is a little wackadoo.

#56 They finished the basement with whatever they had leftover, and it looks just fine.

#59 We need to talk about this house and its mini fridges.

#60 This house is reminiscent of a Bath and Body Works gift set from 1994.

#61 I found this bathroom while looking for flats, and it’s a hard pass.

#63 There are so many lights that can be head-smashing hazards.

#65 This house is a throwback to a simpler time when everything matched, including the trash can, curtains, towels, and carpet.

#66 This house has a personality disorder because every room is different from the others.

#68 Goonies never say die – this house is perfect for those who want people to dance in their yard all the time.

#69 This one bedroom, one bathroom house in Rio Rancho, New Mexico, is all pool.

#70 Would you stay in this house for 24 hours? Yes or no?

#72 Sponge painting was definitely a mood at some point.

#74 Making something streaky does not make it rustic.

Written by Hannah Jade

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