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From Bad to Worse: These Stair Design Fails Will Leave You Shaking Your Head in Disbelief

If you’ve ever encountered poorly designed stairs, you know how dangerous they can be. These design fails, from steep drops to uneven steps, can result in serious injuries. But just when you thought you’d seen it all, we’ve compiled a collection of the most outrageous stair design fails that will leave you scratching your head.

Some of these stairs are so poorly constructed that it’s hard to believe they were ever deemed safe. From staircases that lead to nowhere to steps that are just plain confusing, these design fails will have you wondering what the architects were thinking.

But despite the danger, some people can’t resist the allure of a quirky or unusual staircase. Whether it’s the chance to take a unique photo or the thrill of taking on a challenge, these stair design fails to have a strange appeal to them.

But for those who prefer our staircases to be stable and reliable, these photos are a stark reminder of the importance of good design. We rely on stairs to get us from point A to point B safely, and when that trust is broken, it can have serious consequences.

So take a journey through the world of stair design fails, and see for yourself just how dangerous bad design can be. And if you’ve ever encountered a stair design failure of your own, be sure to share it with us in the comments – we want to hear all about it!

#2 Seen some crappy stairs, but this one takes the cake.

#5 Built the staircase exactly as designed, per the boss’s instructions.

#11 Falling down stairs does not require being drunk.

#13 These are not stairs; they are decorative waterfalls. Walked into them and slipped. Laughed.

#14 This flight of stairs outside a door is a death trap.

#16 For those seeking a neardeath experience every time stairs are used.

#17 If the left ramp is chosen because of a bike or stroller, a step will be encountered later. If stairs are chosen, a ramp will be encountered after them.

#20 This hill is too steep; hold on a sec while stairs are taken.

#26 People were confused by these stairs in a college visited.

#27 Using these stairs in a sister’s house is a joy.

#29 These stairs in a college residence hall always creeped out.

#35 This floor is terrible for seeing the depth of stairs.

#39 Nearly died carrying a box down these basement stairs.

#43 These stairs have no access to retrieve items that fall through.

#46 The new cinema in city has stairs in the exact middle of the screen, forcing everyone to sit to the side.

#48 “Extra storage” stairs are a tripping hazard deathtrap.

#53 May present weird stairs at house (never realized how weird they are since lived with them all life).

#58 If the boss says to build stairs, stairs are built.

#60 This is an infamous house in hometown. Yes, those are stairs in front of the garage.

#61 Walked up this, then had to turn around because of useless railings.

#70 These stairs are in the basement of a Princeton University dorm.

#72 Thank you for making this handicap ramp; glad this building is wheelchair accessible.

#73 Found this on college campus. The walkway/stairs above are still open too.

#74 These stairs were designed and built by a friend. They’re beautiful but frightening when going down.

#75 This is the staircase that has to be used at work every day. No, that’s not forced perspective. It really is that steep.

#79 Tripped in the kitchen but never on the way to the kitchen.

#81 This is the view going down a set of stairs at work.

#82 Nearly broke an ankle at the bottom of these steps.

#83 The more this house is looked at, the worse it gets.

#85 First step of stairs is cut to allow doors to open.

#86 These stairs are for those who enjoy wall climbing.

#87 This apartment in London has no front door, just a set of stairs leading up to a window.

#89 This is what happens in Minecraft when the calculation is wrong; this is at a friend’s house. It’s necessary to duck down halfway up the stairs.

#90 Keep stumbling while going up, then took a closer look at the stairs.

#91 Striped carpet on hotel stairs. Hard to use even after two weeks and completely sober.

#95 Two staircases in the bathroom are better than one; the toilet is behind the wall on the left.

#96 These retrofitted stairs in an old house are a death trap.

#100 These stairs in an Airbnb have every step at a different height, width, and depth.

#101 Homes are now being sold with builtin Stairmasters 4300’s. Charge the phone while breaking a sweat.

#105 Big steps in a toilet cubicle in a mall. Fell while walking to the door after turning to flush.

#108 Wheelchair service reception is up a flight of stairs.

#109 There is a complete dip in the floor at mom’s house (can’t tell how many times tripped).

#110 The deeper the staircase, the dumber the architecture becomes.

#113 These stairs are at the bottom of this doorway. What happened here?

#114 This university stairway leads halfway into the handrail.

#119 Let me introduce you to these lovely stairs in Tallinn, Estonia, just when it couldn’t get worse.

Written by Violet Nina

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