Hilarious and Savage Twitter Roasts by Wendy’s That Won the Internet

There have been fast-food wars as long as there have been fast-food restaurants. Newspapers, television, and now social media platforms have all seen fast-food chains argue about whose fries, burgers, or milkshake is the best. We live in a weird time when brands can achieve fame and notoriety on an equal level with their products simply by having a solid social media presence.

Even if Wendy’s isn’t your favorite restaurant chain by now, it’s probably your favorite social media profile to follow. As Wendy’s Twitter account has developed quite a reputation, the burger chain spins a joke each year on National Roast Day targeting its competitors and customers. The company’s social media managers are a terrifying force lurking behind Wendy’s kind face. Several years ago, Burger King started celebrating this made-up holiday, and on Thursday, it launched its 2021 roast fest by requesting custom burns from its Twitter account. Wendy used her talent to create #NationalRoastDay, “everyone’s favorite made-up holiday,” whereas many roasts are posted as possible fast as she can.

Wendy’s Twitter roasts are the best in terms of clever, funny, and savage tweets.  They’re short, simple, and to the point. The following are some of the best and worst comebacks you’ll ever see on Wendy’s Twitter account. We don’t know exactly who runs Wendy’s Twitter account, but we know it is doing a phenomenal job. When someone tries to step over the giant fast-food chain, they don’t back down

#34 Guy deletes his twitter account after wendy’s roast

Written by Hannah Jade

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