Artist Creates Simple and Humorous Comics without Dialogue, and they are Amazing

Simple things can sometimes have a significant impact on our everyday life. Simple designs have certain advantages over more complex ones. They are easier to understand, they are easier to convey the message, and everyone understands them. Essentially, simplifying things will give you a more comprehensive range of potential audiences to reach.

Cartoonist and Comic artist Karlo Ferdon create simple and wordless comics that explore all kinds of absurd and silly situations in daily life, and it’s nearly impossible to take them seriously without laughing or, at the very least, not relating to the messages they convey. His imaginative world is filled with people, animals, everyday objects, and foods caught up in funny situations. By keeping it short and straightforward, Ferdon ensures that his audience isn’t unnecessarily overwhelmed and distracted from the message he intends to convey.

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Written by Trey Lennon

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