Funniest Comics About Periods that Every Woman will Relate To

Every month in every woman’s life, there comes a time that wrecks her plans, favorite underwear, bedding and destroys her mood with painful cramps. It is incredible for women to be able to bring forth new life into the world, yet the experience of menstruation is painful. Most men have to undergo circumcision only once in their lives, but most women have to endure menstrual pain every month of their fertile lives. Menstrual pain is no less than a disaster for women. There are trillions of mood swings that a woman goes through during her menstruation cycle, and the only thing that can calm her down at that time is rest and good food. I think women all over the world should be given a medal for going through all that suffering during their periods. There are more to it than just a week’s worth of crying, weird food cravings, and general bloating associated with PMS. We know it is torture and since we can’t stop it.

For women, period pain is nothing less than a disaster. To lighten your mood and make you feel better, we have compiled a list of some funniest comics about menstruation. You may laugh at these first, then cry as you remember the torture, which will soon haunt you. As a woman, I can relate to these hilariously accurate memes. It is easier to deal with cramps and mood swings when you know we are all in this together!

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Written by Hannah Jade

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