The Most Bizarre Medieval Cat Paintings and the Reason Why these Paintings looks so Weird

Due to the influence of religion on medieval painting in Europe, the medieval painting was rich in religious imagery and symbolism. In medieval art, primary attention was given to depicting religious figures, religious stories, and scenes from the afterlife. Early Christian paintings began to appear during the early medieval period, quickly progressing to Gothic art during the later period. A transition also took place from Roman art to Byzantine art during the early medieval period as Christianity had become more dominant.

Why do Medieval cat paintings look so weird?

Medieval artists were excelled in paintings, and they have created masterpieces in the history of art such as Carolingian Evangelist portrait, Bamberg Apocalypse from the Ottonian Reichenau, Mary Magdalene, Trinity, Judith Beheading Holofernes, and many more. However, they were not indeed good in the cats’ paintings. Medieval art depictions of cats have several reasons why they look weird. There were several purposes for these paintings, one of which was translating the religious scripts to the illiterate. This bizarre depiction may partly result from the artistic conventions of the time. Still, it shows how cats were perceived in the medieval period, possibly quite different from the loving companion animals we see today. Even though they’ve got the basic shapes of cats down to a tee in these cat illustrations, the face seems to pose the biggest challenge. Artists instead favor a grim, almost human-like look that makes the characters look a little scary instead of the adorable, feline features we are so accustomed to seeing. A very different relationship between humans and cats is depicted in these paintings. Cats have been viewed differently across time and space by different cultures. Cats were known to have been kept as family pets in Ancient Egypt, but the animal may have represented the Sun god. During the Middle Ages, cats were associated with witchcraft, which may explain their treatment during this time. From a religious perspective, medieval people viewed nature, and only humans, not animals, were considered divinely created.

Below are some of the cursed Medieval cat paintings. Vote your favorites.

#6 Yeah… fish is not gonna work, you’ll have to try harder

#10 Hey cat. stop licking your butt on the book of maccabees or you’ll get an arrow

#12 This must be a cat from the hallucinogenic meadows of scotland

#14 I know i don’t want to know what these two just saw

#34 Because why shouldn’t a cat be playing a stringed instrument?

#43 Monkey hugging a kitten – no wonder the she took it as her own

#44 Medieval cat or the ouroboros? ’tis the catouroboros

#51 Someone please take that kitten out of it’s misery

#53 The king of the cats… or maybe demons that went through a food processor?

#57 Devil and the cat worshippers kissing the cat’s butt

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