Before and after braces: Incredible Transformations of People Who Wore Braces

We’re all familiar with the term “Hollywood smile” – those straight, white, perfect smiles we see on television and in glossy magazines. Some people are born with the perfect smile, but others need the assistance of an orthodontist to achieve their ideal smile. Today, oral medicine is advanced enough to offer a treatment for physical problems created by crooked teeth and restoring the confidence necessary to smile when you want.

Braces are worn for a variety of reasons. The benefits of braces go far beyond aesthetics alone. By aligning the teeth with braces, you’ll be able to chew food better. Additionally, it prevents cavities, periodontal disease, grinding, and chipping. Some people get them to correct overbites and underbites. Orthopedic braces are also used to address disorders of the jaw joints or jaw position. Some people get braces to better their orofacial appearance. While braces can be uncomfortable, the resulting perfect smile is more than worth it. The braces apply mild pressure on the teeth to shift them into the proper position as the interlocking wires are tightened. Despite the time and discomfort involved in the process, most people still value those inconveniences.

While it’s best to get dental treatment when you’re young, you can still ask a dental professional what they can do for you at any age.

Here below are some incredible before and after photos that perfectly depict the magic of braces. These amazing transformations are achieved through wearing orthodontic braces and, in some cases, even dental surgeries. Vote your favorites.

#1 My single mother couldn’t afford braces for me growing up. When i got insurance though work i got some finally. Life goal complete

#2 My single mother couldn’t afford braces for us growing up. So when i got a job, i saved and paid for them myself. Most fulfilling decision I’ve ever made

#7 Got my braces off yesterday, here’s before, during and after

#12 After 2 sets of 25 months, 12 teeth pulled, & wisdom teeth pulled, I’m finally braces free

#14 After 8 years of treatment, 10 teeth pulled, surgery, & 2 rounds of braces, i finally love my smile

#16 It’s crazy what less than 2 years with braces will do. Thank you, mom and dad,

#19 I’d like to thank Jesus and all those years of braces for this

#22 Progress pics of my journey from surgery to braces to straight teeth

#23 I would like to thanks braces and puberty for this transformation

#26 A transformation because finally after over 2 and a half years my braces are off

#27 13 months of braces, a mechanical bite expansion and two veneers later

#32 I have been kicked out of the club after 2.5 years

#34 Hopefully a little encouragement for anyone thinking of braces/jaw surgery

#37 Praise Jesus for this transformation! From the first day of braces to when i finally got them off

#39 After 4 years total of braces, surgeries, and countless times going to the dentist, i finally have a full smile

#42 After almost 3 years of teeth work I’m free of braces

#44 A reason to smile: getting my braces as a 25-year-old

#47 I just need to take a second and thank my orthodontist for giving me braces

#48 Finally had my braces off! What a massive change 16 months has made

#50 Here I am finished after six months in braces. Four days after removal and i’m still in complete shock

#53 Crazy how much changes in a little over a year and a half

#54 Lily got her braces off today! What a difference 1 year makes

#57 Since i got my braces off today, here’s a little transformation

#64 I just got my braces off! It’s been two years and two fake teeth and totally worth it

#65 Before braces and after braces. 2 1/2 years difference. Thank God for braces

#68 What a difference two years and a few months makes

#69 This is all I’ve ever wanted. Im so proud of being able to accomplish this myself

#70 At age 23 my braces are finally off and i couldn’t be happier

#74 What a difference a year makes. No more top braces

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