Funniest Pregnancy Memes and Jokes that Will Make You Laugh

Pregnancy is a powerful experience for a woman. After all, you’re creating another human being. That’s a fantastic feat of strength on your body’s part. A child grows from nothing to a tiny human, and many people are so pleased with the result that they may gloss over some of the more challenging aspects of pregnancy. Being pregnant is also exciting and delightful. You will be showered with love and blessings by your family and friends. You will be able to look forward to a bright future for your baby. Nonetheless, between conception and the end of the 40-ish week process (in addition to all the aches, pains, and emotions), you have a lot to handle. Hormones during pregnancy can cause extreme mood swings, which can be exacerbated by the stress of being pregnant and preparing to welcome a baby into the family. Although these mood swings are normal, they can be overwhelming for someone unfamiliar with pregnancy.

The most important thing to keep during this time is to keep a sense of humor – if at all possible, although it’s understandable if you can’t. Laughter is truly the best medicine. It has been shown to boost immunity and reduce stress, thereby lowering blood pressure (significant to expectant mothers). In addition, it helps the baby develop (a happy mother makes a happy fetus). A few well-chosen pregnancy memes could be just the thing to bring you some laughter.

Below are some hilarious pregnancy memes and jokes that will put a smile on your face. There’s still hope despite all the changes you’ve gone through, and these funny memes will remind you that you don’t need to give up despite the changes you’ve gone through.

#51 When i get asked “how i feel being pregnant” this is my exact expression!

#54 Mommy wants to sleep! Why don’t you move during the day?

#61 So you’re telling me that pregnancy weight gain has nothing to do with your insatiable appetite? ?

#62 There’s some truth to this excuse. When those pregnancy hormones kick in, mood swings are a very real thing!

#63 If your jeans are bursting at the seams, you’re probably starting to wonder: when will i start to show?!

#64 Because sometimes pregnancy is a license to eat for two without the guilt—or is it?!

#65 It’s just netflix and bed for you these days. Unfortunately, there’s no hangover cure for that!

#66 When everyone wants to give you advice, but you’ve tried every morning sickness remedy in the book and nothing works.

#67 There’s really only one way to describe the way you feel during the first trimester.

#68 I think we’re missing the midnight snack here.?

#69 Can’t we just stick to the things that really matter right now!?

#71 Boy? Girl? Forget the gender predictors, we’re just hoping it’s a human. ?

#74 Hasn’t anyone ever told you? Mamas are the best kinds of superheroes.

#75 Sometimes the hardest decision to make is what to eat.

#78 Yeah, so, turns out someone else is in charge now.

#80 A very cute chewbacca, if i may add. (check out these heartburn remedies for relief.)

#82 It’s not like you were getting any sleep anyway

#84 The test of trust and faith. (looking for natural induction techniques?)

#85 Don’t worry, you’re not going bald—it only feels like it.

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